Feature Friday: Amie Hansen Photography

This week we’re excited to introduce you to Amie Hansen! Here’s her story:

Hello! I’m Amie Hansen and I am an artist here in South Dakota.

My work has evolved as I’ve grown personally and professionally, I strive to capture families in love in a modern, stylish, authentic way. I began with digital photography but film has more recently stolen my heart. My life didn’t begin with a camera in hand but I grew to love it and never have been happier.

I love the everyday. I just love capturing a family, in their home or on location, simply being real, and embracing the “in the moments” they have with each other. In South Dakota the pretty light is at it’s best 1 to 2 hour before sunset (depending on the season we are in) with a golden light filling some of my favorite South Dakota landscapes.

To keep my photography work varied I seek out locations that have the pretty or artistic lighting and than because I love documenting “in the moment” connections with the families I work with I feel every story I tell for a family is different and personal.

My love for photography really grew out of wanting to documenting my own children better but then my heart wanted to do more with photography so after seeking and learning from some of the best in the industry my career path came alive. I am so thankful for the education and time I put into photography and feel truly blessed to be able to do what i love, everyday! In my free time I love practicing hot yoga, hanging out with my two boys and husband. I love spending time with friends, being authentic with them and being an encourager.

For me this more than just a creative outlet while I am raising my boys, I whole heartedly believe that I was given this god given talent for a purpose and each day I strive to live out my purpose with my heart and camera in my hand always, ready to create images that evoke emotions, the real life and love.

1. I am a twin.
2. I love dark chocolate.
3. I am in love with film photography and recently working on doing more film work in my photography.
4. I love a simple, clean and organized space.
5. I love being a boymommy!!!
Be sure to go and check out more of Amie’s work!



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