How to Be Productive Working from Home

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Owning your own business is one of the greatest opportunities and challenges. Especially if your office is in your home! With our own to do lists at home, tv, internet, etc, it can be easy to get distracted from work or put it off until later. Here are some tips to help you stay focused while working from home!

Get ready like you’re going in to work. Start your day by getting ready, like you’re going in to a workplace. I find that when I get up, get showered, get dressed in causal work clothes, I already feel like I have a headstart and good mind set for the day. If I work in my pjs and haven’t showered, I am usually more prone to getting easily distracted and putting things off. Make your body think you’re ready to work, not sleep or relax.

Create a space just for work. Working from the couch means you can easily get distracted by the tv or the pile of laundry that needs folded. Create a space that’s just for work, if that means using a certain table, a makeshift desk, or going to a local coffee shop. Find a space that works for you. This will help get your mind in the right frame for moving thorugh your checklist.

Make time for exercise. Even if it’s just getting outside or hitting the treadmill for a short walk or doing a quick round of yoga, It will help you get your mind focused. Plus that’s one more thing you can check off your to do list, and will make you feel like you’ve been productive already!

Create a to do list. This will help you visualize and prioritize the important things that need done and hopefully help you feel less overwhelmed.

Set a timer. Find a task, set a timer for however long you think you need to do it, and try to beat the clock. It will help you stay on task and focused on one thing at a time versus hopping around from blogging, editing, emails, etc.

No internet. (Just for a bit.) If you are editing or doing a task that doesn’t require the internet, turn off your wifi while you’re completing it. This will help keep Facebook, emails, and other distractions at bay.

Be prepared. Make sure your work space is prepared (pens, printer ink, coffee, etc) so that you can avoid unnecessary trips to the store while you’re working.

Take Breaks! Research has show that being focused for 52 minutes, and then breaking for 17 minutes is the most productive way to work. So during those break times, get up, stretch, grab a drink, and come back refreshed ready to tackle the next task!

What tips do you have for being more productive? Tell us in the comments below!

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