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This is a guest blog post by Iris Works user, Cyrissa Carlson of Sparkle Society.

Friends, we need to have a chat about your social feeds. When the Internet blew up with social networks in the early 2000s, it was pretty typical to read a quick update on what a friend was doing, feeling, or to see a quick pic of said friend’s cat wearing a Santa hat. It truly didn’t go much further than that. However, times have changed. The Internet is a powerful resource for sharing information. It’s time to think beyond your top 8 and realize the amazing impact you can have if you play your posts right. Your shared posts have the potential to reach millions or hundreds of millions (ahem, Chewbacca Mom) if the content hits your target audience right in the feels. That, my friends, is what you need to think about every time you post.

Does your post have purpose?

Everybody loves to see baby Charlie biting his big brother’s finger, we really do; but, riddle your bad-self this: is that type of content appropriate for your client? Well, is it? Will this somehow add value to your client’s life? Will it help him or her solve a problem? Learn a new skill? Shave time off a task? Curb costs? If the answer is “probably not” or “I don’t know,” save that post for your personal feed or just text it to one of your BFFs, you know they never get tired of your all-in-good-fun posts, right?

How do I provide purpose? Let’s take a look…

  • Know your clients. Know their strengths, weaknesses, what information they are looking for from you; what questions they have; and why they enjoy stopping by your page. Respond to all of that! It’s a good idea to make a checklist and make sure each post fits the mold. It does take a little more time and planning, but it’s worth it!
  • Take the spotlight off of yourself. …And shine it on your clients. I know. Your feed is supposed to be about you, right? It’s perfectly fine for your personal feed to be about you, but your business feed needs to be about your clients. Every time you post, it needs to be seen as in intentional opportunity to provide value. Teach, share, empower, relate. You can do it!
  • Get the conversation going.
    Do your posts provide an opportunity to start a conversation? If not, try, try again. You can encourage conversation by asking a question or asking your followers to tag a friend who may want to join in the conversation as well or someone who would benefit from your super-valuable post as well.
  • Do your research. Find an app that can give you insight into which of your Instagram posts are performing the best — so you can recreate the magic and speak to the hearts.
  • Work from a content calendar. That’s right, I’ll never shut down the preach-a-thon on this one. The more you plan, greater impact you’ll have! When you use the opportunity to post as a time to reach out and connect with your audience, you consider that each post has a dollar value (hypothetically) and it will be a WASTE of your time (and therefore your money) to make flippant random posts. Make a calendar and stick to it. The small amount of effort it takes up front is well worth the reward!

So, there you have it! You’ve officially been schooled on posting with a purpose. Want to learn more?

I teach workshops and social media and business strategy…. but I’d love to think that it’s more than just that.  I’d love to think that our community, YOUR community, is made up of creative entrepreneurs who aren’t just desperate for community – they’re hungry and desperate to make a difference.  Click here to get some freebies and join the amazing group of ladies (and a few brave guys) who make up the Sparkle Society.  You, my friend, are welcome here.

Cyrissa owns Immerse Photography and is a business coach at Sparkle Society; known for her contagious energy and social media savviness! With a Master’s in Art Education, experience on the CreativeLive stage, nationally published work, and thousands of sparkly photographers in her online communities, she is well prepared to help YOU shine online! Get ready to be encouraged, educated, and empowered to make strategic and informed decisions for your business!



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