Feature Friday: Meagan Burris

Hi! I’m Meagan Burris. I’m an Central Indiana photographer specializing in births, babes, families + boudoir. For a while I “specialized” in everything, but then I realized I didn’t find joy in shooting weddings (don’t get me wrong, I *love* a good wedding. I just don’t want to be behind the camera for it!), or seniors. But if you put a baby in my arms, I get all melty and could snap away in my own little world for hours.

I’ve had a camera in my hand since I was 8, so I guess you could say this whole photography thing was a long time coming. I’m married to my sweetheart Josh, who really pushed me to turning my passion into a full on career in 2012. They weren’t kidding when they said the one’s you love bring out the best in you! Since then this whole thing has been a roller coaster and my business has taken off and thrived in ways I never imagined!

Photography lights a fire in me that I’ve never been able to put out. I love my clients and the other photographer’s in this community like family. This job is so incredibly humbling and I feel so lucky that this is what I get to do for the rest of my life!

Fun facts about me!

  1. We have two fur babies. Myla and Modock. Myla has one eye and is basically the best dog on the planet. We rescued Mo last year…he’s a little lover but is also the crankiest dog ever! 😉
  2. I have four little sisters. Built in best friends, pretty awesome!
  3. I run a group of 300+ Indiana photographer’s that I started last September. SO thankful for that group and the friendships I’ve made! “Hi guys!”
  4. Besides running my photog business full time, I’m also a full time project manager and photographer for my dad’s construction company, and part time business manager for my mom’s photography prop shop. I like staying busy!
  5. I talk way too much, I love giving hugs (although sometimes I hug people I hardly know and it gets awkward..), and I love meeting new people. So I can hug them. Obviously. 🙂


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