3 Simple Gifts to Give Your Photography Clients This Season

Do you send client gifts around the holidays? Whether you’re looking for something to gift for the holidays or just a simple way to show your appreciation to your clients that supported your business this year – giving a little something can mean a lot to your clients. These gifts don’t need to be extravagent or expensive. Your clients will love receiving something special and may even illicit some repeat customers and bookings. 

Here are some simple gift ideas for your clients!

Impress With These Client Gifts


If you’re looking for something specific to the holiday season, photo ornaments make a great option for client gifts. Your client will have something to remember the year and bring it back out each season to cherish memories. There are many options for ornaments – DIY photo ornaments, supporting a local business, or ordering these super cute wood ornaments!

burnt rose studio wood ornaments


Another simple gift and way for clients to display your work is a photo magnet year round. Photo magnets are cheap and clients love receiving them. For a simple and cost friendly option if you’re wanting to gift many of your clients a magnet – I recommend ordering the photo magnets from Miller’s Professional Imaging. You can use whatever photo you’d like for the magnet. They are small (4×5) and easily fit in with a holiday greeting card to send to your client.

If you’re looking to give an extra wow factor to this gift idea – check out these wood photo magnets! These cost a little more – but you could gift your top clients something a little extra.



Another small but impactful photo gift idea for your clients are photo key chains. These are like walking advertisement! Your client can show off your work on the go.

client gift - photo keychain

Bonus Ideas

Mobile gallery app: some gallery services offer an option to create a mobile gallery app for your clients’ galleries. This is a simple and fun thing to gift that usually comes with zero cost if it’s built into your plan.

Slide Show: create a slide show with music for your client’s session so they can look back and share their memories at the end of the year. You can find royalty free music options online to use and easily put together a slide show with several apps.

Greeting card with treats: something simple as a greeting/thank you card and maybe some treats (cookies, stickers or pens with your branding, candy, etc) is always a nice gesture too!


What are some gifts that you’ve sent to your clients?

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