Photographer Gift Ideas

‘Tis the season for gift giving! You likely have some photographer friends in your cirlce that you want to get a gift for. Or maybe you’re a photographer and need to drop some hints to your family and friends on what to get you this year.

While most things that photographers would LOVE to have are on the higher budget side – there are still plenty of easy and relatively inexpensive gifts you can get for a photographer. Check out this blog post for some great photographer gift ideas!

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Camera Bag

We have all this gear to tote around with us to and from sessions. A nice camera bag will help keep your gear in one place while transporting it. Prices for camera bags can vary – but there are some pretty great options on Amazon that would make a great gift for a photographer!

Camera Strap

A stylish or nice camera strap is also a great gift idea for photographers. You can find many options on Amazon too.

Phone Tripod or Gimbal

Between Instagram focusing more on reels and the popularity of TikTok these days – a tripod for a phone would make a great gift so it is easier to record all the behind the scenes and other social media content! And if you’re feeling really generous – splurging on this amazing phone gimbal is another great option!

Gift Card

Who doesn’t love a gift card to their favorite place to shop or get food from? Starbuck gift cards are a quick and easy gift idea for a photographer. Or if you know what vendors they like to shop with for props – that would surely make them happy!

Memory Cards

Photographers could also use more memory cards. These are easy to buy online or in stores like Walmart/Target/Best Buy.

SD Card Holder

With all the memory cards photographers have – an SD card/memory card holder would be greatly appreciated to help keep track of all those cards.

Photography Crystal

These are super fun and give your photographer an opportunity to get creative and play with light during their sessions. Here are some examples of photography crystals.

What are some gifts on your wish list this year?



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