Client Appreciation Is Import For Photography Business Longevity

Keeping your photography business going is a constant game of figuring out what works and what doesn’t, finding clients, and maintaining momentum. It’s definitely a lot of work and effort to find your ideal clients, converting them to a booked session, making sure you meet their expectations and have them coming back time after time. Many businesses forget to nuture the client relationship – during and after the job is done. It is easier and usually more cost effective to nuture your existing client base vs acquiring new clients. Most of the work is already done – and one way to keep things going is showing your clients appreciation. 

Keep reading on to learn about why client appreciation is import and some simple ways to show your clients just how much you appreciate them!

Why is client appreciation important for my photography business?

Without clients, your photography business would cease to exist. It is important to keep your clients happy. Giving your clients an excellent experience is crucial to keep them coming back and telling others about you. Showing appreciation is just one way to add to your client experience.

As previously mentioned, it is much more cost effective to retain your current customers versus acquiring new ones. Simple acts to keep your current clients happy and feel valued is easier than trying to track down new clients and convert them. When you show your clients appreciation – this will help create loyal customers who continue to book with you year after year and spread the word about your business. Once you’ve gained the trust and loyalty from a client, they are less likely to seek the same services you offer through other businesses. All of this should in turn help with your business profits and growth.

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Simple Ways to Show Appreciation

There’s no denying the importance of showing your clients appreciation – but how do you go about doing this? Here are some simple ways to thank your clients!

Handwritten Thank You Notes

Taking the time to write and send a handwritten thank you note can go a long way with your clients. It’s a simple gesture that still shows you went above and beyond.

Referral Program

Photography businesses thrive on word of mouth! Your clients don’t have to refer anyone to you, but referrals are always welcomed and very much appreciated. Other potential clients are more likely to seek you out and book with you if someone has referred your business to them. For your clients who put in the work to tag your business, give your card out, and refer you to others – a referral program is a great way to thank them for helping your business out. Learn more about designing a referral program here!

VIP Group

Make your clients feel extra special by creating a VIP group or mailing list. Thank them for their support and loyalty by given your VIPs extra incentives when they book again, give them early access to booking, treat them to coffee, giveaways, VIP only deals. You can get as creative as you want with this!


Who doesn’t love getting gifts? Send your clients a small gift to show your appreciation. Some photographers do this after a client has booked (ex: wedding photographers send a small gift to their brides/grooms or newborn photographers send something to the expecting parents). You can also send gifts to clients after their sessions or at the end of the year send out a thank you gift to everyone / top clients. You can gift some simple (small print, baby toy, gift cards, etc) or if you are a luxury brand – go as big as you want.

What are some ways you show your clients appreciation?



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