Adding an Extra Touch to your Photography Client Experience with Handwritten Notes

Providing an excellent photography client experience to you clients is key to success and growth. Whether you’re running a photography empire or a brand-new business, you need to live and die by your customer service practices. Giving clients a connection to your brand will make them feel loved and taken care of. 

Have you ever been in a retail store where the employees went above-and-beyond to make sure your needs were taken care of? Having an experience like that leaves an impression and more than likely makes you want to tell all your friends and family about it, right?

One way to wow your clients and provide a personal touch is through the art of a hand written note. 

How often do you receive handwritten cards? It rarely happens anymore. Taking the time to send one to your client at special times will show how much you genuinely care about them. Especially since it’s not about making a sale and more about building a relationship with your client.

 Here are some times when you could send a handwritten note to your client:

  • Someone sends you a referral – you can easily send out a handwritten thank you to show your appreciation to them for the referral. 
  • Birthday – who doesn’t love a little something on their birthday even if it is just a card? Just remembering their birthday can be huge and show you care about them.
  • Anniversary – wow your past wedding clients with a handwritten note on their anniversary. If you shoot families or other things beyond weddings – you’re likely to have them coming back to you with the special touch.
  • After their session – personally thank them for their business and let them know how much fun you had at their session
  • After they make a large purchase – let them know how thankful you are for them supporting your business

You can easily keep track of those special dates in Iris, and even make it part of your workflow as a reminder!

If sitting down to write a handwritten note for every client sounds daunting (especially if you shoot a lot of sessions) – check out Simply Noted

They offer authentic pen-written notes that you can create and send to your clients. You can easily upload a list of names and addresses, type in the text for your note, select a handwriting style, and then their machines will do all of the writing for you.

Canva is also a great option for designing cards which you can then add a quick handwritten note to for personalization. 

Do you send handwritten notes to your clients? Let us know what you’ve found helpful!

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