How to up your customer service game.

Customer service is the name of the game. Whether you’re running a photography empire or a brand-new business, you need to live and die by your customer service practices. Giving clients a connection to your brand will make them feel loved and taken care of. There’s nothing that will turn a client into an evangelist faster than a killer customer service experience.

If you’re stumped on how to up your customer service game, here are some easy ways to wow your clients right away:

Educate them. The more your clients know about their upcoming experience with you, the more confident they will be. Whether it’s a Welcome Guide that can outline the experience for them or a What to Wear Guide to help them with outfit selection, walking your clients through the process will alleviate stress, feel prepared and be confident in their session.

Show the consistency with emails. That first email will set the tone for a client’s entire experience with you. Creating email templates full of good information will take you to the next level with your clients. Iris Works will automate everything you need to keep your clients engaged. Not only will you be saving time, but you’ll be creating a repeat client with the customization that you can leverage.

Check in with your clients. Staying on top of things like questionnaires, email reminders, invoices, etc. will show your clients that you’re on top of things with your business and that they are going to be taken care of. The more you check in with your clients, the less they will feel like they have to track you down to figure out what the next step is.

Always be prepared. It’s important to go into every session anticipating the things that might go wrong or cause your clients stress. Have an emergency kit packed with Band-Aids, Tide pens, a sewing kit, etc. will make you ready for any occasion. It’s also a great idea to bring an extra can of bug spray or hairspray and also always have a blanket in your car you can pull out if a client forgets theirs. Going the extra mile will make your clients feel taken care of!

Rock a referral program. If you don’t already have a referral program in place, what are you waiting for. Asking your clients to send friends and family your way is a no-brainer to grow your client list. A key component is saying THANK YOU. Whether it’s big or small, your gratitude will go a long way. A simple handwritten note and a credit towards their next session (or a sweet gift) will go a long way to making them feel appreciated.

Show some extra love. Don’t forget to spoil the clients who invest a lot with you. Let’s say you have a client who purchases a several canvases from you, go the extra mile to throw in an additional small one as a way of saying thank you. Or if you see a past wedding client is expecting a new addition to their family, send a gift their way congratulating them. Who would love a gift showing that you care about them and are thinking of them?

What are some of the ways that you deliver the best possible customer service to your clients?



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