Mini-sessions ramp up now

Mini -sessions are popular among photography clients but from a photographers view point they can be a pain.  Keeping track of so many sessions in a small window of time is a nightmare if you do not have a way to manage your bookings. In this weeks blog,  check out our 4 tips on mini-sessions.

Mini- sessions
Tip #1 – Book in advance, share your online booking calendar

Waiting to book your mini sessions until the last minute will cause unnecessary stress in your life.  Avoid the stress by booking your mini sessions in advance.   Plan out the date and times ahead of time and put them onto an online booking calendar.  Then, publish that calendar and send it directly to your clients to book.

With Iris, you can create a mini session booking calendar with our booking feature.  Enter the session date, the number of mini sessions you are wanting, the length of each session and the time between and that is it.  Booking mini sessions has never been easier.  Your clients will be able to not only book their mini session on the spot but they will also be able to pay their invoice and sign a contract.


Want to learn more about advertising your mini sessions?  Check out this blog for helpful tips.

Tip #2 – Decide on specifics, when, cost, # of images

Planning your mini session is an important step in creating a stress free experience for yourself.  Before you release your mini sessions to your clients, sit down and decide on the specifics.  You need to find what works for your clients needs while making sure that you meet your needs.  You don’t want to come out of a mini session weekend only to realize you under priced and overworked yourself.  

What are some specifics that need to be worked out before a session?  First off, cost.    What are you going to be charging for the mini session?  You need to make sure you are charging enough to be profitable.  Location – where do you want your mini sessions to take place?  When – when do you plan on having your mini sessions?  Lastly, # of images.  How many images will you be included with your mini sessions?  Will you have the oppurtunity for your clients to be able to purchase more images if they choose to?

Tip #3 – Create a workflow

Do you dread having to send emails for all your mini sessions?  Creating a workflow for your mini-sessions will ensure that all emails, documents, invoices and contracts will be sent at the correct time without you having to lift a finger.    Not sure what a workflow is?  Learn more about workflows here.

With Iris, you can create workflows to automate your business.  Have Iris send out your booking confirmations, invoices and reminders for you.

iris works workflows

Need help coming up with a mini session workflow? No problem, Iris has your covered!  Our marketplace offers a mini session workflow and prep guide.

Tip #4 – Partner with another local business

Is there a local business that vibes with your style and has the same client base as you?  Have you considered reaching out and seeing if they would partner with you? Create a fun promotion with you and a partnering business to help grow your client base and advertise your mini-sessions.

Ready to streamline your mini-sessions? Sign up for your free 14 day trial with Iris Works!



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