Invoice Mistakes to avoid as a photographer

Have you forgotten to send your clients an invoice? Do you have a hard time remembering which clients have paid and who hasn’t?  How can your clients pay you? Are you using the correct apps to collect payments? There are a lot of invoicing mistakes you might be making with your photography business. Iris Works can help with all those invoice mistakes and more.

Invoice mistakes
invoice mistakes
Mistake 1: Not using an online invoice system

If you aren’t already using an online invoicing system now is the time to start! It is time to lose the paper invoices and spreadsheets. These make it harder to keep track of what you are owed, have been paid and what’s past due. Having an online organizing system will have you more organized, keeping everything all in one place. Send invoices easier and faster online.

Mistake 2: Not invoicing clients in a timely manner

It is important to make sure you send out invoices in a timely manner. Your client expects that you will bill them and that they are required to pay in the time you specify in your contracts. Not doing so in a timely manner looks unprofessional. Remembering what invoices are due to go out or have gone out can be difficult. Iris Works is a system that allows you to automate invoices and create payment plans for your clients. It allows you to set up your workflows so you can relax while it does the work for you.

Being able to add online booking to my website has really added ease for my clients and me. It is great how one button can get so many balls rolling. I can instantly book the client, send welcome emails, send the invoice and contract. Iris is the amazing little assistant I have always wanted.

~ Loren Ashley

Mistake 3: Not providing electronic payment methods

Stop waiting for payments in the mail or trying to find a time to get them delivered. Using cash and checks are ok but the fastest easiest way to get paid is by using electronic payment methods. Iris Works connects with Square, Stripe and Paypal for you to easily take your clients payments. Our preferred payment processor is Square. Square allows you get paid fast – your money shows up in your account as soon as the next business day. They have fair pricing, no contracts or hidden fees, and great customer support. It also gives you the option to accept tips, ACH, gift cards and Afterpay.

Mistake 4: Not following up on past due invoices

Neglecting to follow up on past due invoices is one of the big invoice mistakes. Sometimes it is hard to remember who has paid and has not but with Iris Works you can easily see your client’s payment status. You can also resend past due invoices easily with one click. No more missing out on money you are owed. Check out this blog about when to invoice your clients.

Iris has helped me become more organized and professional with the “business” side of photography. I noticed that I was quickly earning more thanks to the online invoicing, but the biggest impact has been how much time it saves me! 

~ Megan Al-Hassani

Stop making invoice mistakes! Start streamlining your invoice process now!
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