Feature Friday: Melz Photography


Meet Melz Photography

Tell us a little about yourself

Melz Photography – I am from Newark, NJ and I a proud Latina(my father is from Guatemala and my mother is from Puerto Rico). I married my high school sweetheart and have three hilarious children. I have two girls and one boy: their ages are Myla 8, Miah 5 & Maison 3. We also have a dog named Mae, she is a Rat Terrier/Jack Russell. We named her Mae because she was born in May and that is my dating anniversary month so it seemed fitting (plus we all have “M” names). My favorite hobby is to watch TV, I mean who doesn’t love to binge watch Netflix/Hulu shows LOL. It allows me to be completely lazy and not worry about anything but what I’m watching.

Entrepreneurship can be stressful plus family and other responsibilities so i see it as my time to wind down. I also love going on lunch dates with my husband on our days off while the kids are at school. It keeps up balanced and helps with our sanity. My husband recently changed careers and has been a Police Officer for the past year. It has been tough adjusting but he supported my dream of photography so now it’s my turn to support him.

What do you specialize in? What made you want to focus on that specialty/specialties?

My specialty is Maternity, Newborn & Baby photography. I remember being lost and always trying to find my purpose in life before having children but once I found out I was pregnant with my oldest it’s like everything started to make sense. The moment you find you’re pregnant, your perspective and life changes which I think is important to document. The journey from expecting, to having baby and watching them grow that first year goes by so fast. This is why I love to shoot what I do, it helps parents with their keepsakes.

How did you first get started in photography?

I was always the one with the point and shoot camera in my family. After many attempts to finish my associates degree in business I finally gave up and realized I was doing it for others and I started in 2011 and I sucked LOL! I knew from the very beginning what I wanted my portfolio to look like and I was nowhere near it. I made sure to shoot all kinds of sessions to help figure out what my focus should be in the coming years. Shooting Maternity/Newborns/Babies sessions brought me so much joy and in 2012 I made the decision to focus on shooting what I love most. Every session I found flaws in my work and made sure to read/work on how to improve my skills.

How has using Iris impacted your business?

Iris works has been the best investment for my business. It streamlines everything from setting up new clients to my work flow and keeping me on track. So thankful for this manager software!

What are your future goals for your business? What are you looking forward to?

I always have goals but something I really want to accomplish is finding a balance and not overbooking myself. I mean being overbooked isn’t a bad thing, it’s an amazing problem to have but with three children at home it can be tough. I want to enjoy them more especially now before they turn 18 and try running away from home and starting their own lives LOL. I also want to expand my business and hire someone to help with some of the administrative tasks so I can focus more on the fun side of things like prepping for their upcoming sessions.

Fun facts:

-I love the color yellow and love to eat chocolate as I edit (but don’t tell my trainer that lol).

-I love to watch TV and either go with my husband or children or as a family to the movie theater. While I’m at the theater, the clapping by the audience at the end always annoys me LOL.

-I am an organized mess during my sessions, I lay everything out as best as I could around the studio so session goes smoother and I clean up as I shoot because I don’t like clutter (well at least not during the shoot LOL).

-Sometimes, my husband is a clown and if he dares me to do a cartwheel or anything crazy, let’s say a cartwheel at BJs restaurant….i do it LOL!


Be sure to check out more of Melissa’s work:

website: www.MelzPhotography.com
facebook: www.Facebook.Com/melzphotography1
instagram: Http://instagram.com/melzphotography
pinterest: Www.Pinterest.Com/melzphotography
twitter: Www.Twitter.Com/melzphotography


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