8 Ways to Spring Clean Your Photography Business

Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to declutter, get organized, and simplify everything around us. While we may spend a lot of time on our homes, don’t overlook the tidying up that can be done to your business this season!

Here’s a running list of things that you can clean up in your business:

Gear Check: Thoroughly clean up all of your gear. Go through your bags and cases to make sure everything is organized and there isn’t any trash collecting in the pockets. What gear needs sent in for repair? What don’t you need that can be sold to condense your bag?

Dust off your business plan: Just because your business is adapting well and growing, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be reviewing your plan once a year. Set yourself some goals and visualize where you want you and your business to be five years from now.

Online Presence: Update images in your gallery, bio, and informational pages. Does the copy on your sight need reworked? Check your social media pages too. Is your Facebook business page info up to date? What about any sites where your business might be listed (The Knot, Google Places, Wedding Wire, etc)?

Organize your emails: We all say we’re going to get to it. But it’s one of those daunting tasks that none of us want to do. Just go for it. Clear your day, put on your favorite music, and have at it. Create folders so that you can easily organize and access information. Archive or delete unnecessary emails. Get that number down to zero!

Client experience: How do you feel about your current workflow? Does anything need to be added or are there things that can be automated? What miscommunications happened this year that you can be tweak in your workflow so that you don’t end up with unhappy clients? If you aren’t already using a studio management program to streamline this, sign up for free trial with Iris and get things automated like your standard emails, questionnaires, contracts, etc. This is a huge time saver in your business and will keep you organized and on task!

Pricing: Look over pricing, packages, and products. What’s working, what’s not? Are you meeting your income goals? Can your pricing list be simplified?

PDFs: Update any welcome guides, what to wear guides, or other informational pdfs. Update images, add new tips or answers to questions you felt were asked a lot this past year.

Office: What would a spring cleaning list be without some actual cleaning? Get your desk organized, vaccuum out those areas that haven’t been touched in forever, and make it a space that you want to sit down and work in!

What are some ways you’ve tidied up your business this spring?

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