Lifestyle Photography: Tips From The Pros, Part Two

Lifestyle Photography aims to capture candid moments in time of subjects in the art of everyday life. Taking a closer look into the lives of people and their real life events or milestones in a beautifully artistic manner is becoming more popular each and every year.  For part two of our Tips From the Pros piece, we asked a few more of our users to share their tips for photographing lifestyle sessions. And in case you missed it, check out Part One of our Lifestyle Photography piece here.


Image By Bearfoot Photography

Kelli of Bearfoot Photography:

“Wait for the shot… and be ready! Some of the best pictures happen when you aren’t planning on them!”




Images By Stacy Mae Photography


Stacy of Stacy Mae Photography:

“My best tip for photographing a lifestyle session is to keep an open mind. I always go into them with these grand ideas, but they inevitably get pushed aside once the session gets rolling. I’ve learned to go with the flow and, if there’s time, try revisit those ideas towards the end of the session.”


Images By Jennifer McCarty Photography

Jenni of Jennifer McCarty Photography:

“Don’t look at the camera! Lifestyle photography is all about capturing genuine emotion. It is somewhere between portrait and documentary photography, so get them involved in each other. Don’t look at the camera!!!Have them do something fun together. It can be as simple as a snuggle or planned as you like but have them DO something together. Find the light! So much of lifestyle photography happens indoors and using a flash sometimes makes it hard for them to forget that you are there. Having good light can make or break the end result, so find the pockets of light and then rearrange furniture or even sit on the floor if you have to, just use the light to your full advantage.”


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Learn more about our featured photographers below.

Bearfoot Photography: “There are only a handful of things that I truly could not live without. First off, my family. I am the mommy to two boys and one girl (all under the age of 5!) and I have a fabulous (and very hard-working) husband. They make me complete. There is nothing on Earth I would not do for my family. I also couldn’t live without coffee. One of my favorite moments of the day is having a cup of coffee with my husband out on the patio before we start our days. I also could not live without photography. I grew up with my dad’s camera, I learned on my dad’s camera and now I am so blessed to be able to capture memories for not only my family but for other families too. I love the raw, real-ness of a birth… I love seeing the love and joy and craziness of a family…. I love running and chasing toddlers. I love capturing the real emotion. I love photography.”

Stacy Mae Photography: “Stacy Mae Photography specializes in Family and Child Photography in the Northern NJ area. Stacy Canzonieri is a mom to 2 beautiful girls who inspired her to become a photographer and a wife to her husband who makes her laugh everyday and shares her obsession for Game of Thrones.”

Jennifer McCarty Photography: “Jenni McCarty is a wife, mom of four, l’il bit granola, jean-wearer, iced coffee drinker, home schooler, more than just a little obsessed with photography, frustrated organizer (see “mom of four”) yet ironically logical, Pinterest addict and Facebook follower, sufferer of ADCD (attention deficit crafters disorder), displaced Alaskan. She opened Jenni M Photography in 2012 and really enjoys blogging about her personal family adventures whenever she has time.”



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