Need to know who hasn’t signed their contract, but can’t remember who has requested to book with you? Waiting on clients to complete questionnaires but can’t remember who hasn’t finished theirs?

Iris has always provided users with a tool to view, via the client’s profile, any outstanding and completed items. However, many users wanted to see their businesses with a sort of bird’s eye view.

Introducing Spotlight – Iris is shining the light on your business.

With Spotlight you can:

– View outstanding contracts, unpaid invoices and incomplete questionnaires

– Search for specific contracts, emails or questionnaires

– Easily see all emails that have been sent, and search, sort and filter on them

– Filter and sort invoices, contracts, questionnaires and emails based on status, dates and more


This is just the beginning of enhancements coming to your Iris account. Spotlight will continue to evolve as we build out this new feature. We would love to hear how this helps streamline your business, and what you would like to see added to Spotlight in the future.



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