How to Thrive During the COVID-19 Pandemic : Advice from Industry Leaders

If someone told you a year ago that you would have to reschedule all of your spring sessions and postpone everything on your calendar because of a global pandemic …you likely would not have believed it. It’s okay – us, too!

We’ve reached out to some of the leaders in the industry to get some insight and advice on how they’re getting through this unprecedented time and pandemic. Check out what they had to say!

“Keep working. This industry is not all about shooting and delivering sessions. Connection is key and it won’t be forgotten. There is a ton more you can be doing to keep yourself in front of the right people because when everything turns around- and it will- you need to be remembered when everyone is ready to start booking again. After all we are all glued to our phones.”

Alyssa Hollis, Chasing Galilee Photo

“Stay positive and hopeful. We’ll all get through this together. Utilize this time to catch up on client galleries, update client guides or show your website some TLC. Take this time to grow as an artist. Dive into online education, learn something new! Most importantly fill this time with activities to strengthen the love within your family.”

– Jesse Salter, Jesse Salter Photography

“This too shall pass and you can always rebuild what has fallen. Meanwhile, when opportunity does not knock, build your door. Use this downtime to finish edits, practice shooting products around your house, new updated photos of your kids or new headshots for you. Take new online courses, get ahead with knowledge and working on your craft. Update your website. Clean up who you follow on IG. Follow people who inspire you, who will hire you and who you want to support.”

– Tiffany Burke, Tiffany Burke Photography

“Dear Ones. This too shall pass. Take this as a beautiful opportunity to re-evaluate what has been working, and what hasn’t. Maybe its the space & time to revamp your website, or double down on learning by revisiting courses or classes you haven’t taken. Or finally taking the time to set up your CRM. Clients will return, and new ones will come into your life. Trust in yourself and your talents too. So much Light & Love”

– Lisa & The Milky Way

“Don’t waste this quarantine pouting; there is so much you can do! 1) Now is the time to work on that skill that has always intimidated you: off camera lighting, Photoshop/Lightroom, bookkeeping, etc. 2) Write new blog posts, social media posts, etc and schedule them out to create buzz around your business and remind your people that you’re still in business and stronger than ever! You NEED to show your clientele that your brand is built to last and a pandemic won’t hold you back. 3) speaking of social media, people are on their phones right now more than ever, take advantage of that and stay regular with your updates. 4) GET CAUGHT UP! When this quarantine is over, the business is going to come back and come back alllll at once; you don’t want to be behind before you’ve even started. 5) Organize your office, files, gear. Purge and sell all of the things you no longer need.”

– Bobbi Sheridan, Bobbi Photo

“My biggest piece of advice is to use this down time to build up the back side of their business! There is SO much more to a photography business than just taking photos. And this is a great opportunity to sign up for Iris Works, learn the program and develop your workflows. All the while keeping full faith that this will pass and when it does you will have a seamless process to handle the workload.”

– Denise, Denise Marie Photos

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