Feature Friday: Sabel Moments Photography

Sabel Moments Photography

Meet Sabel Moments Photography

Hi I’m Samantha! I am married to Zack and have two fur loves – Zivi and Roscoe. We live in North Fort Worth area, just close enough to the city but far enough away to be ok. Ha!  My husband and I hit our 5 year anniversary on the 30th of this month. Besides photography, I LOVE reading. Reading takes me to a different place, a whole new world in my head. It lets me escape the ins and outs of wedding photos and relax the brain. Nothing is better than a hammock with my kindle!

More about Sabel

I was born and raised in East Texas and moved to DFW for college to purse architecture and criminal justice. Soon I quickly fell in love with photography after a girls outing to the botanical gardens. I snapped a few photos of the girls and that was that. Sabel Moments Photography was born about 6 months later, it has been 10 years now. Every day is more exciting than the next and every adventure teaches me a new lesson. I am always up for learning, the more I can dive into and gain knowledge about photography the better! Soon I left a 10 year career at the police department to focus solely on photography. So officially I have been full time photos for 2 years now. I haven’t looked back, it has been the most amazing journey.

It has taken off beyond my wildest dreams, God is a good good man!!! I was raised on a farm with cows, chickens and horses, lived in boots most of my childhood helping my dad and papa out around the place. I was always the little blonde chick running behind them to catch up. My mom is best friend in the world, she is my ultimate supporter and biggest cheerleader. If my dad could do a standing jump he might be right there with her, hahaha!!!

What she photographs

I specialize in weddings and everything that goes with them, engagements, bridals. The happiness and joy of watching a bride walk down the isle to her forever person, makes my heart happy. I love the look the groom gets after seeing his bride walk towards him always puts a tear in my eye. I am a hopeless romantic and weddings bring out the best in everyone. Everyone needs a little love! And that is what weddings bring out, they bring out the love and heart felt moments of the family. Everyone is laughing and dancing and really in that moment all cares and fears are gone and replaced with love and joy.

Fun Facts

– Loves anything cotton candy and wedding cake flavored. Oh my! It sooooo yummy!!! Especially snow cones… best part of summer is snow cones!!
– Can’t even draw a stick figure and make it look presentable, that is why I picked photography as my creative output.
– owns one pair of jeans and 5 million thousand pairs of yoga pants…. #photographerproblems #weworkfromhome
– Still lives by old school pen and paper calendar. I can’t get behind the whole tech calendar, confuses me too much and I am so afraid it will fritz and I will lose everything!


Be sure to check out more of Samantha’s work!


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