Stick to the Basics – Stellar Customer Service for Photographers

Photographers tend to excel at one thing – photography.  But we sometimes forget that excelling at customer service is just as important as excelling at our craft.

So we decided to ask around and compile the best advice and tips for providing stellar customer service to your clients. In the end, having good customer service skills will keep your clients coming back – and will increase your referrals to new clients.


Put Yourself in Their Shoes

So many times, photographers forget this simple tip. Put yourself in your client’s shoes. Think about how they might be feeling, and do what is right. Doing what’s right may not always be your first choice – but it’s good business and over time, will increase your revenue.



In the world we live in where texting has taken the place of phone calls, and emails have taken the place of hand-written notes, there is no excuse for not communicating effectively with your clients. It’s easier today than it has ever been to stay in contact. So take a few minutes to send a text, pick up the phone, or write a hand-written note to your clients. It will go a long way knowing you are thinking of them.


Ask the Simplest Question

“Is there anything else I can do for you?” Simple – we hear this question many times a day most likely, when we are shopping, or on the phone with the cable company. Chances are your client will say no – but taking this little step can make all the difference in how your client perceives you and your business.


Make It Personal

Ask them how their job is going, or how their vacation to Florida last fall went. Gather little details throughout the booking process, and remember them. Or use a program like Iris to document these little details, like the names and ages of their kids, or what they like to do together as a family – your clients will feel more connected to you and will be more likely to use you again for their next photography session.



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