Why You Need to be Consistent with Social Media

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Social Media… it’s something we have a love/hate relationship isn’t it? While it’s a powerful too, it’s easy to let it fall by the wayside when things get busy. But having a consistent social media presence is VERY important to a photographer’s business and is one of the main ways to keep a steady stream of referrals coming your way.

social media, facebook, twitter, instagram, brand, blog, photography, business, marketing, consistent

So what do we mean by being consistent? With social media, it means that you are frequently showing who you are, what you offer, and saying it in a cohesive way each time you post. This helps your followers to connect more with your brand and will bring in your ideal clients.  Here are four ways that you can start being consistent:

  1. Post frequency:  One major pitfall we see is people dropping off on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you were a client visiting a business’ page and they haven’t posted in three months, your first thought is going to be “Are they even in business anymore?”  Posting often on your social media platforms shows potential clients that you’re busy and you’re in demand. So what do you do if you’re not busy at the moment? Find old work to share, write blog posts to attract your ideal client, or even find a new creative project to post about. There are many ways that you can be creating content to share!
  2. Brand: Be aware of your brand and what you’re saying to your audience. It is so much more than your logo or the colors you use. It’s everything that you write, photograph, share, and do.The way that you present yourself on social media and your website is communicating your brand to your followers and clients. If you don’t already know what your brand is, sit down and write a few words that describe you, describe what you have to offer, and what your work represents. Are you an edgy senior photographer, focused on showing their quirky personalities with images that are vibrant? Or are you a quiet family photographer that tells intimate stories with soft, lifestyle images? You can imagine how these two brands are going to vary in what they say, post, and share. By having an outline of your brand in mind, you’ll be able to craft your content around it.
  3. Pick Your Platforms: If you feel so overwhelmed with all of the different platforms that are out there that you aren’t using any, pick your favorite 2-3 and focus on doing those well. Facebook and Instagram are always a great place to start. If you’re a senior photographer, Snapchat is can be a great way to connect with seniors. If you’re a commercial photographer, Twitter might be a better avenue. Figure out what your ideal client is using and zero in on those.
  4. Schedule: Using a social media scheduler can be a great way to bulk schedule out posts and so that you don’t have to worry about posting daily. Then you can add in a few extras here and there as spontaneous things come up. You’ll be able to stay ahead, plan out promotions in advance, and always know what’s going out that day letting you focus on other things. Check out this post for a list of schedulers we recommend!

By using the steps to be more consistent, you’ll see more growth in your social media and referrals for new clients! What do you do to stay consistent? 

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