10 Things Every Photographer Should Bring to a Portrait Session

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While there are the basics that you bring to every portrait session like your cameras and go to lenses, sometimes there are a few extra things you can toss in your camera bag/car to help you out in a pinch. Here are 10 things we think every portrait photographer should bring to a session:

  1. Extra Batteries – It’s always good to be prepared! Pack 1-2 fully charged extras in case your main one didn’t fully charge or forgot to charge it.
  2. Card holder – The last thing you want are memory cards loose in your camera bag. Plus, how will you know which ones are ok to use? Grab a holder like the Think Tank Photo Pixel Pocket Rocket. That way you can have them in one spot, and flip the card over once it’s full.
  3. Back up CF and/or SD Cards – Again, better to have extras in case a card decides to fail or you fill one up! PS – Never delete images from your card in camera as that can sometimes corrupt them.
  4. Camera Lens Cloth – For those moments when you or one of your little clients accidentally touch the front of your lens with a finger.
  5. Business Cards – You never know when you’ll need one, and it’s always a good idea to have a handful ready in case someone asks while you’re out!
  6. Favorite chapstick – If it’s cold out or you’re someone who talks a lot during your sessions, this will feel like a lifesaver!
  7. Mints – For you and maybe for your clients! Your clients are going to be close to one another so it’s nice to offer some part way through in case they need a refresh.
  8. Oil blotting wipes – This is especially great for summer sessions to help get rid of shine.
  9. Extra water bottles – Being photographed is hard work! 😉 If it’s a warmer day, I try to have a little cooler packed with extras in the car.
  10. Blanket/Quilt – If you’re photographing a family or couple and they forgot one, it’s great to have a neutral one on hand for some sweet sitting or laying down shots.

With these 10 items, they can bring you peace of mind during a session and help out your clients too. If you’re looking for the perfect camera bag to carry these items, check out our post here.

What are your extra items that you bring to your sessions? Let us know in the comments below!

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