All about style…helping Seniors figure out what to wear

Senior Photography has come a long way in the past 20 years.  Gone are those days of the traditional yearbook headshots.  Today’s seniors sessions are more trendy and help showcase the senior’s personality.  No one wants to look back on their senior photos and say to themselves…”what in the world was I thinking!”  As a photographer, it is our job to help our clients navigate finding the perfect looks for their session.  Below we cover Senior Style, specifically how you can help make the shoots as successful for your clients as possible.


What to Wear

Do you offer pre-consultation styling to your clients?  Help your senior clients find the perfect outfit by advising them on what to wear. Offering styling advice ensures that your client finds the best outfits for their body type and color for their skin tone. The goal is for your client to feel absolutely comfortable and looking their very best on the day of the shoot. Give your client’s a list of do’s and don’ts. Offering your clients a list of colors that work with each skin tone helps your client feel the best in their skin but it also helps create beautiful and timeless photographs.

One great way of accomplishing this is to send your client a style guide when they book their session. Style guides can be created in programs such as, Canva and Photoshop. Once these files are created, simply export them into a pdf file and upload them directly into your Iris account.  Sending style guides has never been easier.


what to wear

Do you offer to coordinate hair and makeup appointments for your senior clients? If you answered no, this is a good opportunity to help elevate your senior business. Have you ever had a client show up with way too much makeup on or none at all?  Offering professional makeup and hair to your clients makes certain that your clients will be perfectly suited to their style and clothing options. Gone are the days of being in fear that your client will come with makeup that does not suit them or their style. Find artists you can count on to do exceptional work.


Location selection also plays a key role in helping style your senior shoots. If your client wants a sunset field session, you most likely would not suggest an urban outfit. The key is getting to know your clients before their session even begins. How do you do that?  The answer is simple. Send your clients a questionnaire before their session begins. Ask your client what type of locations they had in mind. This will help you style your senior client.

Iris Works makes sending a questionnaire easy.  With Iris, you have the option to add questionnaires directly to your email template so that you never forget to send one.  Want to learn more about questionnaires? Check out our latest blog on creating effective questionnaires.

Want to learn more about running a successful photogrpahy business? Check out this blog by Sean Brown.

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