What to automate in your photography business

Most photographers start their businesses because they want to create beautiful images not because they want to sit behind a desk. Would you agree? Iris Works has many features that help automate your business so you can focus on creating those amazing images for your clients. Everything is centered around the client. Instead of having a job/project in which you attach clients to, you have a client that you book sessions with. All pertinent information about that client is stored in their profile (contracts, questionnaires, past sessions, notes, etc.)  Automate your photography business and set yourself up for success with Iris Works!


Iris offers a leads page you can add to your website- and it replaces your contact page. When a potential new client fills the leads page, they let you know what kind of session they are interested in, and that data is automatically sent to and stored within Iris. You can also choose to have an automatic, custom lead response sent when the new client submits their form. The automatic lead response inquiry generates an immediate response to the client without you having to lift a finger.

In addition to the leads page, your booking calendar can be linked on your website. Iris’s booking feature allows you to create custom booking calendars with your availability to share with your clients. A client can choose a time slot which initiates a workflow.  In that workflow, you can automate items such as: emails, questionnaires, invoices and contracts.

Being able to add online booking to my website has really added ease for my clients and me. It is great how one button can get so many balls rolling.  Iris can instantly book the client, send welcome emails, send the invoice and contract. Iris Works is the amazing little assistant I have always wanted.

~ Loren Ashley

Having an automatic response to all inquiries, and a quick booking calendar where they can immediately book, is cutting back on several back and forth emails for each client. That alone saves me tons of time! The online booking calendar also looks more professional. My favorite features are automated responses and online booking!

Briana - Iron & Lace Photography


Do you find that you send the same email over and over again to your clients? First, Iris allows you to create email templates to send directly to your clients automatically. Our email templates allow you to add in images that give your communication a beautiful, branded look. All of your email templates can be automated with the ability to attach questionnaires, contracts, invoice templates and pdfs.  

Next, use the beautifully crafted email templates in your workflows. A workflow is a series of tasks, steps and emails that you create and follow to keep yourself and business organized and efficient. Iris has template workflows to get you started. As an Iris subscriber, you have exclusive access to The Marketplace. Find curated workflows with expert questionnaires and email templates from top photographers. Shop your favorite and we’ll automatically load it into your Iris account.

In addition to the many great Iris features we’re integrated with some great companies! Our invoicing can connect with Square, Paypal, Stripe, and Quickbooks Online. You can sync an external calendar like Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, etc. We also integrate with ShootProof and have a partnership with Fundy! Sign up for a free trial today!




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