How to Create an Effective Photography Client Questionnaire

There are so many aspects into running a photography business but which one will make you stand out amongst the crowd?  Having great customer service and communication skills will help set the tone for your business. One of the keys to creating a great experience for your clients is getting to know them personally before their session even begins. Learning how to create an effective photography client questionnaire will set you up for success with each shoot.

What do I include?

You might be thinking to yourself, ok I know I need a questionnaire but what should be included? Creating an effective photography client questionnaire will start with a few key aspects.

Get to know your client better

Do you know the names of the individuals that you will be photographing? If you are family photographer, ask about their child’s interest.  Are you photographing a wedding?  Ceremony and reception information is vital and should be included in your questionnaire.  Asking thoughtful questions will help you get to know their personalities and help create a relationship with your client.   Want to know the purpose of a photography questionnaire?  Check out the blog What is the purpose of a photography client questionnaire.

Customize their experience

Ask questions about their hobbies and some of their favorite things. When you ask these  thought provoking questions, it will give you the opportunity to customize your client’s experience with you.

Increase your product sales

Ask your client’s how they plan on showcasing their images from their session.  This will make your client have to think of the images and products they want from their session before the session even begins.  Knowing how the client would like to showcase their images will also help you better understand your client’s wants and needs.

Make it Easy!

Another important part of your photography questionnaire is making it easy for your clients to fill out.  This is where Iris Works comes in!  Iris makes creating and sending client questionnaires easy and stress free.   You can also automate your questionnaires by attaching them to welcome emails and adding them to your workflow.   We also offer free client questionnaires for our customers that can be edited to fit your needs.  Are you a portrait photographer, boudoir photographer or newborn photographer? We have the questionnaires for you!

How do questionnaires help Iris users?

Questionnaires allow me to connect with my client on a deeper level and get all of the information I need in a quicker amount of time. I’m able to use the information from my questionnaires to truly craft a session and experience that goes above and beyond
Brooke Janae Photography

Questionnaires have always been a huge part of my business because they provide me with the extra details I need to know about my family clients. When you create connections with your clients on a personal level they are more comfortable with you which in turn makes them more comfortable with their family in front of the camera
Alyssa Hollis

Where can I get premade questionnaires?

Marketplace templates for photographers

Iris Marketplace

Need help getting started on your questionnaires? Iris offers you top-to-bottom workflows from some of the industry’s best-known photographers. It’s time to take your family portrait, senior, wedding, and newborn workflow games to the next level by leveraging the experience of some of Iris’ most influential users. These workflow offerings are EXCLUSIVE to Iris subscribers. Any purchased workflows will be added into your account upon purchase.

Ready to start creating your own questionnaires? Sign up for a free 14 day trial with Iris!



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