What is the purpose of a photography client questionnaire?

 Do you send your clients a photography client questionnaire? The are many benefits to using a client questionnaire for your business and photographers who use them are more likely to be better prepared for their sessions and clients have a better experience. Photography client questionnaires can be sent before and after sessions. The purpose of a client questionnaire varies –  but most are used to gather information from your client prior to the session. Questionnaires help you learn more about your clients, create a plan for success, and helps your client know that you are invested in their goals for their session. If you are sending questionnaires after the session too – this can be a powerful tool to gain feedback and improve your business practices.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can use photography client questionnaires and how they can help your business.

Photography Questionnaire in Iris Works photography studio management system

Gather Important Details

One reason why you might be using a client questionnaire is to gather important details from your client prior to their session. You may want to grab their address, names of anyone participating, and best contract information for them (always good to confirm you have the correct info!). If you are shooting a wedding, your questionnaire might be to gather venue information for the ceremony and reception, start/end times, etc… all crucial information you will need to do your job. 

Understand Your Clients Goals

Another great reason to send your clients a client questionnaire prior to their session is so you can understand their preferences and goals. Give you clients an opportunity to talk about what it is that they expect from this session. Is it a photo of everyone looking at the camera for that perfect holiday greeting card – or do they want candid memories? Getting a better idea of your client’s expectations and goals for this session is going to help set you up for success. It also gives you a chance to discuss any wild ideas your client might have before the session so there are no surprises (or at least limit the surprises). 

Boost your Client Experience

Clients don’t want to feel like just a number or another family in front of your camera. Sending them a questionnaire shows that you value them and their ideas for the session. Including a questionnaire is an easy way to up your client experience game. Want to get glowing reviews from your clients? Taking the time to learn about your client and using that information to create their dream session that is effortless is going to keep them coming back and telling all their friends about you.

Use Photography Client Questionnaires to Prepare for Success

Do you get nervous before your sessions? I certainly do – and it’s totally normal no matter how long you have been shooting! Something that makes me feel less nervous is being as prepared as I possibly can be for that session. The biggest way to prep for my sessions is sending that client questionnaire and ensuring the client completes it. Having their responses to refer back to helps me know what the client wants, their goals for the session (must have shots, how will they be using these images, etc) and equips me with ways to keep those cranky toddlers entertained.

See how an Iris user utilized a photography client questionnaire to have a successful family portrait session and get a glowing review from the client!

Get Feedback

Don’t forget to get feedback after your sessions! A great way to improve your work and business practices is obtaining feedback from your clients! Getting glowing reviews are nice, but sometimes we need a little more detailed opinions on the various processes for the client’s session and experience. This will help you grow as a photographer and business. So don’t forget to send your client a feedback and review questionnaire after their session or after they have received their images! You can schedule your questionnaire to send automatically through Iris by using an automated workflow. 

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