Using automated emails to generate more print income for your business!

We all know that getting clients to order prints and complete the session cycle is a great way to add value to their session and more money to your bank account. It’s up to you to encourage and remind your clients that purchasing prints is the final step of the process and Iris Works makes it easy for you to automate this so that you don’t even have to lift a finger.

You’ll want to send your first reminder email about a week after the client has viewed their gallery. The images are fresh in their mind and they’ve likely already shared their favorites on social media.

Dear Tess (variable link),

I wanted to shoot you a quick email to tell you once again how much I loved your session. Your family is lovely and that really shone through in your images. I know how easy it is to share a few favorite images and social media and take in all of the “oohs” and “aahs” from friends and family, but I really encourage you to purchase a few of your favorites to remember this session more frequently. Your gallery is right here (variable link) and your favorite prints can be on their way to you in a few easy clicks. Thank you again for trusting me with your most precious memories!

Your second reminder email should be send out a few weeks later. Maybe your clients have already added some images to the cart, but haven’t finished their purchase. Or maybe you’re catching them at the perfect time to order their first (or second) batch. If you’re feeling like it’s a good time to offer them a promotion, you can always drop in a code for your gallery.

Dear Tess (variable link),

I wanted to remind you that your gallery is available here (variable link) to order some of your favorite images. I think that ordering prints is the best way to really enjoy these memories and you can take advantage of 20% off of your order by using YOURCODEHERE today. Why wait? Your collection contains some of my favorite images ever and I’d love to see them have a permanent place in your home.

We know that clients love prints in their homes… we just need to gently nudge them to make that a reality. Let Iris Works help you do that with a FREE 14-day trial. Also, hop on over to our Iris Works Community on Facebook and tell us some of your favorite automated emails to send.



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