The Perfect Customer Experience, Part 2: Setting The Process

Setting The Process for The Perfect Customer Experience

So by now, I hope you’ve read through our first part in this series and you’ve identified your ideal client. If you haven’t – go do it now, and then come back and read this post. 🙂

As in many cases, the first step is often the most imporant one; and the best way to get on the right track. Now that you’ve identified who your ideal client is, let’s talk about how you will interact with them from start to finish – in other words, let’s talk about establishing your workflow.

I always recommend you start with a piece of paper, whiteboard, poster board, Word document – whatever works best for you. Make two separate columns: Pre-Session and Post-Session. This is going to help you think of your workflow in two distinct categories, ensuring you don’t miss a crucial step.

As you think through your workflow, you have to put yourself in the shoes of your customer. What do they expect? What will make them feel that they are special, and not just another client? What things can you do to appeal to that ‘ideal client’ that you just described? So don’t just think through the motions – take the pictures, cull the pictures, edit the pictures……you’ve got to think through the customer interactions! How you interact with your client is what will set you apart from your competition.

Now, everyone’s workflow is going to be different. But there are some key and critical pieces that should be (in my opinion) in every photographer’s workflow. Below I’m sharing with you my absolute must-haves for every workflow. What else is a must for you?

  1. A Welcome Packet: Providing your clients with a welecome packet is a great way to establish a great customer relationship. It will help your client prepare for their upcoming session, increase their excitement, and give them a great opportunity to ask you any questions or express any concerns. Creating a welcome packet is easier than ever – you can find beautifully designed templates that you can make your own. PS – Make life easier by letting Iris send your Welcome Packet for you!
  2. Session Reminders: Having a client show up late, or worse than that – not show up at all for a session is frustrating! You can usually avoid any and all no-shows and late clients by sending a session reminder email a day or two prior to your scheduled shoot. You can even include the location in your email to avoid confusion on where clients should be (Iris can automate this for you, too).
  3. Thank You Email: Remember that your clients selected you out of hundreds of other photographers in your area (maybe more). So be sure to properly thank them for not only selecting you as their photographer, but for a great session. Consider sending a quick thank you message 1-2 days after your session; even including links to your social media accounts where you post a preview image (another workflow suggestion). This is also a great time to remind your clients of your turnaround time and any next steps. And just like the first two must-have workflow items, Iris can automate this, too!
  4. Client Reviews: I’m a firm believer that we cannot continue to improve upon our process unless we ask for feedback. And ask for it constantly. Sending out a questionnaire a few weeks after a session is a great way to not only show your client you care about the experience you provided, but it’s a great way to obtain some input and feedback into how you’re doing overall as a photographer.

What other must-have workflow items do you have? Comment below!




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