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This week we got to chat with Album Design expert, and owner of Albumesque, Amy Nave!

1. So tell us a little about yourself!  

I am the owner and one of the designers here at Albumesque where we design custom albums, magazines and books for professional photographers around the world.  When I’m not running Albumesque I’m physically running/racing or teaching a spin class at a local gym.  I have a heart for rescue dogs.  I volunteer every week at a local dog shelter for three hours where I clean kennels, feed and water all the dogs, bandage wounds, spend time with the dogs and take pictures of the dogs in hopes to find these lovely creatures forever homes!  I love the outdoors, my fur babies (Syrah and Pinot) and family is everything to me.  Oh and I love a nice glass of red wine 😉

2. How did you start Albumesque? How long has the company been around? 

My degree is actually in photography with an emphasis on portraiture.  So, really my goal was to be a full-time wedding photographer.  As I started shooting weddings and implementing products such as albums, other photographers started complimenting my designs and little by little photographers started asking me if I would design for their brides.  I absolutely loved designing and knew that this was the path that I wanted to go down.  Word of mouth spread and I’ve been a full-time album designer for over 10 years!  Not a day goes by that I’m not thankful for Albumesque and my lovely clients.  I feel blessed!

3. What is the mission behind your business? 

Albumesque is a full service design firm which means our mission is to help create freedom for our clients.  One way we do this is by developing a specific album process for each client that fits their business.  That way it frees them up to do the things they love and also allows them to focus on other aspects of their business.

4. What is your favorite thing about owning a small business? 

My favorite thing would be the freedom that comes with owning a small business.  It does NOT mean you work less it just means I’m able to rearrange my schedule on my own terms.  This allows for me to volunteer at a dog shelter once a week, watch my niece and nephew for a few hours in the middle of the afternoon and when most people are working I can spontaneously go on a lunch date with my mom who’s in a wheelchair.  It allows for me to get up and go spend time with my loved ones when I want to and that right there means the world to me.

5. What’s your top tip for photographers?

Oh goodness, I have a few;)  But if I have to narrow it down to one I would say if a photographer is looking to embrace albums then just make sure to have a beautiful sample album created.  It’s hard to seal the deal if you don’t have that WOW factor when you meet with potential clients and if you don’t show your clients examples.

6. Any big plans for Albumesque’s future or new features/products? 

There sure are;)  We’re really focusing on creating custom marketing pieces for photographers and other industry professionals.  We launched our marketing magazine just a few months ago and we’re In the process of launching new marketing pieces as well.  It’s kinda been hush, hush, but I’ll let the cat out of the bag in this interview;)

7. What’s the best way for a photographer to get started with Albumesque?

I’m always here to help make the album process easy peasy.  They can contact me directly:

Our process is extremely simple and if someone is ready to get started all they have to do is fill out our online order form and the process will begin:—–order-form


Thank you Amy! And just for our Iris readers, Amy is offering 30% Off



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