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Three Reasons to Use a Retainer for your Photography Business

Show of hands, or rather show of comments below – how many of you have had a portrait client cancel on you? Everyone, right? And how many of you who had that client cancel didn’t collect a retainer? Unfortunately we hear too often that photographers aren’t collecting retainers for their portrait sessions. And when a…

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The Only Reasons to Boost a Facebook Post

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The forever un-answered question – is paying for Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts worth it? If you’ve been around for awhile now, you may remember the days when Facebook was truly FREE for businesses. People liked your business page, and your posts would show up in their news feeds. For free. If your jaw has…

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3 Time-Saving Blogging Tips for Photographers

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Time consuming. Incredibly time consuming. That’s what most photographers think of when they hear the word ‘blogging’. Most everything we do takes us quite a bit of time. Culling images. Editing images. Social media outreach. Client communications. Invoicing clients. The list is never-ending. But let’s add another time-consuming things to your list of must-do tasks –…

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5 Tips for Getting Sharper Macro Images

macro photography, sharp, focus, macro image, ring shot, details

Macro photography is referred to when you photograph small subjects or details and to magnify them and make them have a larger than life feel. You see this type of photography when capturing wedding rings, newborns details (nose, toes, etc), and in nature photography. While its a fun way to experiment, on of the biggest challenges…

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The Perfect Customer Experience, Part 3: Streamline and Organize

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*This is a continuation of our multi-part series, The Perfect Customer Experience. Check out Part 1 and Part 2.* Streamling and Organize Your Business to Achieve The Perfect Customer Experience So you’ve done the hard part – you’ve identified who your ideal client is AND you’ve determined your workflow, from start to finish, and tailored that…

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Monthly Marketing Calendar

Have you started planning out for the new year? I know that pretty much every photographer is coming off busy season and getting Christmas orders placed before holiday cut off dates… But it’s not too late to start planning what your marketing plan for 2016! To help you do just that, we’ve put together a downloadable Monthly Marketing Calendar that…

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