The Only Reasons to Boost a Facebook Post

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The forever un-answered question – is paying for Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts worth it?

If you’ve been around for awhile now, you may remember the days when Facebook was truly FREE for businesses. People liked your business page, and your posts would show up in their news feeds. For free. If your jaw has dropped to the floor, it just means you haven’t been around long enough to remember the ‘good old days’.

Times have changed. Now business owners must pay to have posts seen by their ‘fans’. Now, we can’t really be mad at Facebook – they are a business after all, and are trying to increase revenue just like any other business owner. Well, I guess we can be a little mad!

But, if business owners use Facebook the right way, it can be super beneficial. If you read our previous post about Facebook ads, you already know how to use those to your advantage.

And now, for our two cents on bringing the most value to your business with boosted posts:

  1. Your post contains a link to your website. The perfect way to direct traffic to your website or blog is to post on Facebook and boost that post. This way, you are not only getting the content of your post seen by more of your fans, but you are also driving quality traffic to your website. Which provides a ton of other content that could interest potential clients. Hands down, a great way to use Facebook Boosted Posts. PS – make sure you are selective with these. You want to make sure whatever link you are boosting on Facebook contains valuable content that will spark interest from your potential clients.
  2. You’re running a promotion. Mini sessions, holiday specials, BOGO sales – whatever promotion you’re running, boosting that promotion/post can increase the visibility across your fans and bring in additional revenue. Even if you only boost for $50, depending on your promotion, you could easily have an incredible ROI (return on investment) with just one sale.

Those are our top two (and really, only) reasons for boosting posts on Facebook for small businesses. What are your reasons?

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