3 Time-Saving Blogging Tips for Photographers

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Time consuming. Incredibly time consuming.

That’s what most photographers think of when they hear the word ‘blogging’. Most everything we do takes us quite a bit of time. Culling images. Editing images. Social media outreach. Client communications. Invoicing clients. The list is never-ending.

But let’s add another time-consuming things to your list of must-do tasks – Blogging.

Blogging is crucial for a lot of reasons. We’ve blogged about blogging before.  🙂

And here we are at it again – because we believe it’s really that important.

But let’s get back to saving you time – because, after-all, that’s what Iris Works is all about. Here are three ways to make blogging easier:

  1. Schedule time for it. Using workflows and to-do lists will keep blogging in the front of your mind at all times. This means you’re more likely to actually do it, and create a new habit of blogging. Once the habit is established, you’ll begin to witness the benefits of consistent blogging for your business.
  2. Use a time-saving system like BlogStomp. We are huge fans of this software. The guys behind the company are awesome first off, but they’ve created an amazing time-saving product. With BlogStomp, you can blog in MINUTES instead of hours. You will save yourself so much time with this program.
  3. Use a system for tagging your images while you edit. We’ve all done it, we’re editing our sessions and as we’re editing, we say to ourselves , “Ooooh, that’s a great one for the blog.” Instead of just mentally making a note of the images you want to include in your blog, use a tagging system. In Lightroom, we love using the Rating options – 5 for blog-worthy! Make up a system that works for you.

What other tips do you have for making blogging easier?




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