Tips to keeping cool during your summer shoots!

Do you dread the hot summertime photoshoots?  Are your clients already melting by the time you start your session?   In this weeks blog we will talk about the tips to keeping cool during summer shoots!

Tip #1  -Throw out the poses

When it is hot out, kids can be a handful.   Instead of capturing posed images, relax and embrace the moment. Traditional poses are a thing of the past.  Be intentional with your clients interactions with each other and you will capture beautiful, natural images of your client without having to pose them.  

Tip #2  – Let them be silly

Photoshoots are meant to be fun and not stressful.  Don’t panic if the kids go a little crazy.  Not only is it okay to let the kids be silly, it should be encourged.  If you let everyone be a little silly you are more likely to get a more natural interaction and capture the moments that really are important to mom. 

Tip #3 – Don’t tire them out

Tired kids equal cranky kids!  Think about the age of the children you are photographing.  Remember, the younger the kid the more tired they get.  Don’t schedule a summer photo session where young children have to walk a long distance before the session starts.  Find locations that are easy to get to.   Finding out the child’s age before the session with a questionnaire is a great way to ensure a smooth session.  Want to know more about questionnaires?  Check out this blog!

Tip #4 – Bring Treats

Who doesn’t love a treat?   Have your client bring along their child’s favorite treat.  This will give the child the motivation to keep the shoot moving.  Avoid treats that can easily melt in the sun, colored candy that can stain mouths and sticky treats.  Lollipops and sticky treats are great rewards for after the shoot. 

Tip #5 – Bring a small cooler

Some more tips to keeping cool is to bring a small cooler with essentials.  Frozen wash clothes, extra water and maybe even some popsicles for after the shoot.  Bring these items to keep young kids motivated.  Use a frozen wash cloth on the back of their necks when they are not actively getting their photo taken.  Make sure your clients are staying hydrated throughout the session.  Keeping everyone cool and happy will lead to a great summer time shoot! 


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