The Surprising Reasons You Should Be Submitting Your Images

With the never-ending list of things that needs to get done daily, taking the time to submit images can be the LAST thing on your mind. Don’t neglect this step by shrugging it off. Although it’s not necessary to the success of your business, there are four surprising reasons why you should be submitting your images for publishing:

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1. Creative Push

Let’s face it, when you’ve found your niche and have a set flow of how you photograph your sessions, it can be hard to push yourself creatively. When you are feeling in a slump, find a new blog or magazine to give yourself some inspiration and try creating new work to submit to it. It could be just thing you need to help get those creative juices flowing and push you further in your artistry.

2. SEO Boost

Any time you have sources outside your website that link to you, it’s going to help your SEO ranking. If you’re submitting to an online publication, make sure that they give a link back to your website. Your images should also be labeled with your business name and have the copyright info embedded in your image before you export it from a program such as Lightroom. Plus the more places that you have your name out in the internet world, the better!

3. Social Media Content

There might be a time during your off season where you aren’t as busy. If you find yourself lacking things to post on social media, a feature will give you some fresh content to share. Plus it shows clients that are following you that you are being recognized within your industry. Which is always a cool thing!

4. Clients Will Love It

It’s something fun for your clients to see! How excited do you think they would be to see the images from their session shared by someone else? It doesn’t matter if it’s a small up and coming blog or a big magazine spread. Anytime your client’s images are being shared by another person, it’s going to make them feel like their session is something special. Plus this could prompt them to share your feature, which could get more people to see your work and possibly more referrals! 

submit, feature, submit images, photography, portrait, wedding, magazine, blog

We know there are LOTS of wedding blogs and magazines out there, but where should you submit portrait images to? Here are a few that you can check out:

If you’re wanting to test the waters with submitting, there are also a TON of places to get your work featured on Instagram! A lot of accounts will have a hashtag that you can use on your images to try and get featured. Now remember – you shouldn’t measure your worth as a photographer based off whether or not your work gets published. This should be for fun, and the moment you start to doubt yourself it might be a sign to take a step back.

You don’t have to submit every single session you shoot, but if you make it part of your workflow it will become easier each time! You can even add it as a To Do task in Iris so you don’t forget. Plus using a service like Two Bright Lights, that’s already connected to many resources, can streamline and automate that process for you.

We want to know! What photography blogs or magazines do you love to read or want to try to have your work featured? Tell us in the comments!


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