Start asking for referrals today. Here’s how.

referral, client, email, workflow, automate, business, photography

Every photography business thrives on referrals. And we know that yours is no different. Who is going to be the best source of referrals for you? Happy clients who feel the love.

The biggest obstacle we hear about asking for referrals is that it’s uncomfortable. We get it. But it’s totally worth overcoming that obstacle. Referrals from existing clients offer you the greatest gift of all: a potential client who understands and has seen the value of your work. You’re setting yourself up with a warm and fuzzy lead… and who doesn’t love that?

Adding a referral step to your workflow is a brilliant—and a VERY easy—way to ask your clients to sing your praises to their friends and family. Setting up an automated email a few weeks or a month (whatever your workflow dictates) after a session is the perfect way to ask for referrals without any extra work on your part. Once you’ve added this step to your workflow, it will happen without you even lifting a finger.

referral, client, email, workflow, automate, business, photography

We believe in referrals so strongly that we’ve even drafted a FREE EMAIL TEMPLATE for you to use in your workflow to make this step happen today.


We are confident that adding this step will change your business drastically and life without referrals will become a distant memory! Are there more templates that you’d like us to hook you up with? Drop us a note in the comments and we’ll start sharing more with you.

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  1. Michael Stagg

    How do I get the Free template; there’s no link as far as I can tell. Love Iris Works! 🙂


    • megan

      Hi Michael!

      Oops! Looks like the link was broken. We’ve updated it in the blog post so you should be able to download it now 🙂



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