St. Patrick’s Day Themed Weddings

Themed Weddings

Have a client whose wedding is St. Patrick’s Day themed? Such weddings are a vibrant blend of culture, color, and celebration, offering an opportunity for photographers to showcase their creativity. However, managing the intricacies of a themed wedding can be challenging. Here are some ways to capture the essence of a St. Patrick’s Day themed wedding and utilize Iris Works. Do this to ensure a smooth, efficient workflow on the big day.

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Capturing the Theme

Focus on Color and Details

St. Patrick’s Day is synonymous with green, but incorporating gold, white, and orange can add depth to your images. Capture the palette in everything from the decor to the floral arrangements, and pay special attention to details. Details like Celtic knots, shamrocks, and traditional Irish attire are important to traditions. These elements are key to conveying the theme through your photography.

Embrace the Natural Environment

Many St. Patrick’s Day weddings draw inspiration from the lush landscapes of Ireland. Whether the wedding is set in a garden, park, or rustic outdoor venue, use the natural greenery and landscapes as a backdrop to your photos. Natural light, especially during golden hour, can enhance the magical feel of the day.

Highlight Cultural Traditions

St. Patrick’s Day themed weddings often incorporate Irish customs and traditions. From Celtic handfasting ceremonies to Irish dances and toasts with Irish whiskey or Guinness. All these moments are rich in cultural significance and emotion. Capturing these traditions will not only please your clients but also enhance your portfolio with dynamic, storytelling images.

Utilizing Iris Works for a Smooth Workflow

Client Management and Communication

Iris Works simplifies client management with features that allow you to track questionnaires, contracts, and specific requests or traditions the couple wants to include. Set reminders for client meetings or deadlines, ensuring you’re always prepared and your clients feel taken care of.


Marketing Your Work

Finally, Iris Works can aid in marketing your themed wedding photography. Use the platform to send a model release contracts to your clients to share select images on your portfolio or social media. Tagging your photos with specific themes, like St. Patrick’s Day, can attract future clients interested in themed weddings.  

Leverage the power of Iris Works’ email marketing platform to design and launch targeted email marketing campaigns that spotlight your expertise in themed weddings. This feature enables you to curate and share captivating portfolios of your work, specifically tailored to potential clients interested in themed celebrations. By showcasing your best St. Patrick’s Day themed weddings, for example, you can attract clients looking for a photographer who not only understands their vision but can also bring it to life. Iris Works makes it easy to segment your audience and track the success of your campaigns, ensuring that your marketing efforts resonate with those dreaming of a themed wedding day.


Photographing a St. Patrick’s Day themed wedding is an exciting opportunity to explore rich traditions, vibrant colors, and dynamic storytelling. By focusing on the unique aspects of the theme and utilizing Iris Works for your workflow management. With Iris you can create stunning images that capture the spirit of the day while ensuring a seamless, stress-free experience for both you and your clients. Let Iris Works handle the logistics, so you can concentrate on what you do best: capturing love stories in all their glory.

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