It’s time for spring mini-sessions already? Yep. We’ll help.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s time to start preparing for your spring mini-sessions. Starting early and building buzz around your mini-session offerings is a great way to ensure that you schedule is full of your ideal clients! We’ve put together a few ways to rock those mini-sessions and have people standing in line for the next round.

Keep them mini.

You never want your mini-sessions to be a lower priced version of your regular session. If you do that, no one will ever want to pay full price, right? It’s a good idea to limit your spots and maybe sweeten the deal with a special mini-session only product. Focus on one outfit and one location only. The trick here is to maintain the value of your full-length sessions.

Be deliberate in your marketing.

You want to give yourself enough time to market your mini-sessions well. Don’t try to throw together a mini-session offering a week before. Give yourself time to post and build interest. Whether it’s target Facebook posts, a campaign for repeat clients or cross-promoting with a local business, plan it out and make it happen.

Get them prepared.

In order for the time to be used to the maximum potential, it’s important to educate your clients and make sure they are well-prepared before the session. Create a mini-session guide with tips and information to give them before the session. This can include things such as the theme for the setup, how to plan their outfits (and remind them that they only get one), what to expect during the session, when to arrive, etc. This way you can eliminate any miscommunication and stress ahead of time.

Help them buy.

An in-person ordering session is ideal. You want this to be in-person if possible. Walking your clients through the ordering process step-by-step provides an added value to your services and will help them make their decisions easier… and help increase your revenue from each session.

If you are unable to do in-person sales, try uploading them to a great gallery system like ShootProof to send to your clients! You can have a fully branded gallery and sell prints easily through your favorite lab.


Did you know that Iris Works + Booking will make your spring mini-sessions process a dream? Let us help you streamline a process that lets your clients choose a time on your calendar, sign their contract and pay their deposit seamlessly. You can also send them reminders, tips, location links and their gallery in one easy workflow. Ready to learn more? Start your FREE TRIAL NOW and schedule a 1:1 walk-through with our team!



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