Iris Works Favorites

Iris Works Favorites

Love. Ultimately, we’re in the business of love, right? So what better day than TODAY to share some of the resources that make our heart go pitter-patter? Here are some of our Iris Works Favorites!

The Rachel Vanoven Collective

The Collective first became an idea several years ago when newborn and family photographer (and Iris Works user) Rachel Vanoven started doing online workshops. It ultimately evolved into a subscription-based platform that gives members access to monthly videos, live broadcasts, featured guests, online workshops, behind-the-scenes content and VIP access. Check it out and get started now.


MagMod flash diffusers are a revolutionary flash modification system for Canon and Nikon hot-shoe flashes. We are big believers in always evolving your skill set and modifying your lighting has never been easier. They’re hands down one of our favorite products to recommend.


If you haven’t already, book a flight and snag a hotel room for the world’s premiere even for wedding and portrait photographers and filmmakers. Early each year, the industry huddles up in Vegas to see what’s new and trending and to learn about the hottest products in the industry in WPPI. Use our discount code to get your spot today and be sure to stop by our booth for a visit.

Freedom Edits

Can we get an AMEN for outsourcing? Raise your hand if you’re overwhelmed. Freedom Edits to the rescue. They’re one of our favorite options for giving yourself the gift of personal service and beautifully consistent editing results every time. At Iris, we’re all about helping you get your life back. And they make it easy. What are you waiting for?


We love our partnership with Fundy Designer, an all-in-one design and sales suite for professional photographers. One of the most popular IPS tools within Fundy has been the ability to create a custom client order. And now, Fundy has added the ability to export the information from that custom order and upload it directly to Iris Works. There’s no better way to get paid faster!

The Milky Way 2019 {online} newborn retreat

Take your newborn + maternity sessions to the next level with instruction from 26 photographers. Learn from the comfort of home (+ enjoy lifetime access!)… you will even see our very own founder, Meredith Grade.

Used Photo Pro

There’s not a more well-loved name in the used photo game around than Used Photo Pro. They should be your go-to site to buy, sell or trade your well-loved equipment. In addition, you’ll find rentals, classes and every possible gear resource that you can image. Check them out next time you’re ready to change up your gear!


If you’re not using a blogging software, you’re making your life a lot more difficult than it needs to be. We love BlogStomp (and AlbumStomp) to make your business more efficient and deliver an amazing shareable product with current and potential clients. Their software will take hours off of your blogging process and help you start to love blogging again.



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