Interview with Nate Reynolds, owner of Rubix

Today, we have a special interview with Nate Reynolds, owner of Rubix, an accounting service geared just for photographers! If you’ve been following along with our blog, it’s no secret that we’re big advocators of photographers focusing just as much on the business side of their business as they do on the photography side. Connecting with other small businesses like Rubix is a great way for a creative business owner to get on the right track. Here’s a little more about Nate!

1. Tell us a little about yourself! (Where are you from? Family, hobbies, etc)
I am a lifelong Hoosier married to a wonderful woman (and photographer), Amanda. We have two boys, Ruben & Louie, who we are enjoying an urban adventure with – downtown Indy is an amazing place to raise a family. We love getting out and exploring nature any chance we get.

2. How did you start Rubix? How long has the company been around?
My wife Amanda and I have had a photography studio for 12 years. During that time, it became clear that photographers (and creatives in general) needed help with numbers side of their business. After starting a family four years ago, I launched RUBIX so Amanda would not have to shoot as much. It was an idea I had had for some time and this transition allowed me to get it off the ground.

3. What is the mission behind your business?
To come along side photographers and give them freedom to focus on what makes them profitable: connect, create and communicate. Our clients get relief from the pain of accounting and a peace of knowing that the business side of business is being taken care of.

4. What is your favorite thing about owning a small business?
Like most photographers, I am an entrepreneur at heart. I love the flexibility to meet my families needs and spend the most time possible with them.

5. What’s your top tip for photographers?
I’ll let Dave Ramsey answer this one: “Most entrepreneurs hate details and therefore hate accounting. Tough! Do the details or you’ll be UNDONE by them!”

6. Any big plans for Rubix’s future or new features/products?
We are adding a new accountant soon as well as introducing a robust referral system.

7. What’s the best way for a photographer to get started with Rubix?
Send us an email ( to set up a free consultation.

Be sure to check out Rubix here for more information. Nate will also be back as a guest blogger for us with tips for our readers! 




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