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Videographers and even quite a few photographers, know that finding good, meaningful and affordable music for videos and slideshows is difficult.

There are some great options in the market for creatives – including Animoto and Triple Scoop Music. And just recently a new online music licensing service came into the picture – Tracks. We chatted with their CEO, Michael Gordon, about Tracks and how it can benefit photographers & videographers.

Tracks allows photographers & videographers to license tens of thousands of popular and best loved songs/instrumentals for use in their life event videos and slideshows. Life events are things like weddings, birthdays and Bat Mitzvahs. After many years of negotiation, the Tracks platforms aggregates licenses from major and minor labels and offers approved tracks specifically for life event videos.

This is pretty cool – because now the guesswork about proper licensing of music is taken out of the scenario for the creative. Easy peasy!

In addition to making it easy to search, select and license music, you can also collaborate with your clients within the Tracks interface. So your clients can help select the songs for their videos.

But what we think is pretty darn cool, is that Tracks is the only catalog of music where every song has been released by a known record label – what does that mean? You get the popular songs that everyone knows and loves (you also get sweet instrumental songs, too).

Tracks pricing is reasonable as well – you can check that out here.

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