How to design albums without losing your mind.

If you are not offering albums and other printed pieces to your clients, you are missing out on all kinds of revenue that will keep your business humming right along. And it doesn’t have to be painful. Anyone who designs album knows that it can be a laborious process. Whether it’s deciding on what images to use, perfecting the layout or going back and forth with clients. But the revenue opportunities are too good to ignore. We’ve highlighted a few album solutions that are sure to make your life easier and your business more profitable!

A System

A system like Fundy Designer can cut your design time and half and take so much of the guesswork out of the task at hand. Their revolutionary one-click auto design, their Quick Design Picker® and their keyboard shortcuts will have you flying through the process.  Fundy offers template-free designs that work for flush mount albums, matted albums, guest books and more. And have your work approved and off to your lab faster than ever. And their full suite of all art design, magazines, cards and IPS tools will have your clients wanting it all. Best of all: Fundy is fully integrated with Iris to handle all of your product invoicing!

“I love Fundy Designer so much. I use it for album design and the end product is so beautiful and professional. Also, the ease of Fundy Designer saves me hours of time in my life so I can be with my family! I also love to use it for blogging and collages. It’s been an integral part of my business.” Mackenzie Lee Photography

A system like AlbumStomp is another easy all-in-one way to make album designing painless. You can drag images onto a spread or use their layout generator to arrange them for you. Born from the ease of BlogStomp, Album stomp is an affordable solution to give you maximum customization. Their proofing tool, AlbumPrufr, lets you share albums with your clients in a snap and get revisions to quickly make changes and send your album off to the album company of your choice.

A Company

Another option is leveraging an album company with a full-service design option. As CEO Shaun Gordon says, “Kiss Books was born out of a need for a better method of creating albums.” They are committed to making album experience simpler, giving you more time to do what you love. Their fully-integrated process makes it easy for you to design, share, and order your books in minutes. Their web-based designer means you can work from any computer, no matter where you are. And the option to work with one of their talented designers to free up even more time is priced affordably. Your clients can easily leave feedback and once they’ve approved the design, you click to order and can ship directly to their door.

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