When is the time to start setting goals? NOW. Here’s help on how to get started.

Even though you may be knee-deep in busy season, it’s never too early to start setting some goals for your business (and you!) for next year. Setting goals is an important, albeit sometimes painful, process. But it’s critical to measuring your success year over year. Here are a few things to think about as you start to plan (or plan to plan) 2020 for you and your business:

Visualizing is important.

As creatives, we love to dream big and think of how amazing our business(es) can be. But we can easily lose sight of the actual steps that we need to take to get there. It’s important to sit down and spend some devoted time to visualize where you want you business to be and assign some strategies to make it happen. Whether it’s changes in the next three months, the next year or longer, you need to do the work to understand how far you’ve come and how you’ll go about measuring where you want to go. Breaking down big goals into smaller stepping stones is a great way to make things happen. Don’t forget to high-five yourself for all of the goals you’ve hit so far in your business. A little reflection and celebration is always good for your creative juju.

Don’t be afraid to get real about expectations.

Owning a small business means your business goals WILL impact your personal goals—especially financially. Setting a goal for your number of clients and profit per session will give you an idea and target of where you want to be financially by as we round out this year and head to the next. This can also affect your pricing. Do you want more clients this year? Do you need to make more money? How many sessions can you handle or want to handle each year? Too many times, small businesses fail because they aren’t keeping track of their numbers or their financial goals. Be honest with where you’ve been and come up with a plan to hit the numbers you need to hit.

Focus on growth.

There’s nothing better than sitting back at the end of the year to see how your business has grown. But it’s critical to have a baseline to compare it to. Writing your goals down will help you track the growth of your business and identify what changes need to be made. how will you know if you have nothing to measure against? By having your goals written out for your business, you’ll be able to track the growth of your business and see what changes may need to be made. Have a heart to heart with yourself and really look at how to meet your growth goals and continue to give yourself the freedom that started you down this road to begin with.

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