Feature Friday: Lindsay Herbst

Today’s Featured Iris Works user is based out of the Midwest! We’re excited to introduce you to Lindsay Herbst Photography.

Hello! I’m Lindsay Goedken! I am a fine art photographer located in the midwest specializing in engagements and weddings I got into this incredible job of being a photographer by finally putting a hobby into serious action in 2011. I have always loved photography but never knew I could make a career out of it.  I had just finished college with a degree, and thought to myself “I probably will regret this” But boy was I wrong. I bought myself a camera, and made my mind up that I was going to shoot, shoot, and shoot some more until I was putting out amazing work that I was proud of. I took a leap of faith, and haven’t looked back since. That first year blossomed into a full time job, doing EXACTLY what I love. Now we book around 40 weddings a year, have an associate photographer on staff, as well as an editor.  I am doing my dream job, and I couldn’t be more blessed! 

My focus has never been about the actual photos themselves but more getting to know my clients, what’s their love story, what is their favorite things about life. Connecting with my clients so that they don’t feel that they are on a photo session, but just hanging out with an old friend! I have always gone with that mindset, and it’s really made it easy for me to grab those candid, real life moments. 

5 fun facts about Lindsay!

1. loveeeeeees avacado!

2. her favorite color is gold

3. her celebrity crush is jason bateman, weird, i know. he’s SO cute and charming though!

4. she just started shooting film photography

5. obsessed with calligraphy and handwritten things


Be sure to check out Lindsay’s work!

Website: www.lindsayherbstphotography.com

instagram: www.instagram.com/lindsaygoedken/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Lindsay-Herbst-Photography-177641812249382/




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