Boudoir Sessions – Everything you need to know!

I don’t know about you but the thought of shooting boudoir sessions can be scary.  Many times, we have preconceived notions on what boudoir sessions look like. Since I am no expert on all things boudoir, I reached out to an amazing boudoir photographer for her tips and tricks.

Erika Pearce with Wild Clementine shared her tips on empowering her clients through boudoir sessions.

1). Why boudoir?
Boudoir and similar genres are all connected by one very important concept; empowerment.  We, boudoir photographers, collectively want people to feel confidence and that rule-the-world empowerment from their shoots. It isn’t about the lack of clothing, it is the fact that it is an intimate subject matter in nature. It’s about showing someone how strong and beautiful they are when they are more likely to feel their most vulnerable. Seeing themselves through the eyes of someone else and liking what they see brings a woman to a place of complete liberation and empowerment. The most magical part? They will be able to tap into that day and that feeling every time they look at one of those photographs. I know this to be true because I have photographs of my own that do that very thing. So yes, it’s beautiful and sensual, but it’s beyond what the naked eye sees. It’s about the client and their experience. That is why I and every other boudoir photographer that I know shoots this genre. We are impacting lives in a profound way.


2). How do you use your boudoir to empower women? How are you sessions different than a typical boudoir shoot?


I truly believe I empower women by giving them a safe space to be whomever they are. No judgment. No expectations. I save a space for her to laugh when she wants and be goofy if she wants and show her sensual side if she wants and show her little glimpses of the magic we are creating along the way. Giving people permission to let their guard down is my super power, I think! My particular work is a little different than traditional boudoir, and I designed it that way intentionally. I wanted women to have a different experience than lingerie start to finish. Let me be clear that I do not believe there is anything wrong with traditional boudoir. However, I wanted to bring something more approachable to the table where a woman can feel comfortable keeping her body private if she chooses. I am actually incredibly modest by nature. I didn’t want to push or make someone feel threatened. People that are like me may want something different. I know I would. That’s why I shifted the narrative from traditional boudoir to a place where fashion meets boudoir to create something different a little more off the beaten path from the traditional expectation. So while someone else may have lingerie from start to finish, my clients may start with a fluffy couture gown and end completely nude depending on their needs. The entire experience is catered and tailored to their comfort and their needs for the session.


3). What can photographers do to help make their clients more comfortable in front of the camera?

LAUGH. Never underestimate a good opportunity to make them laugh. I snort a lot and it always gets them giggling. Once they realize that I’m not there to make them look like a sex goddess, their guards come down and you can truly see the woman shine! That’s my ultimate goal. If your client is scared, it’s going to show on camera. So from start to finish I treat them like a queen from the initial contact form to make sure they know they are in capable and safe hands. They should feel like this is something catered and designed for them. They aren’t just a number with me. They are my priority every single time. That mixed with a lot of laughing and my own self deprecating humor go a long way.  Life is too short to make a shoot serious. It should be FUN!


4). Any tip or tricks on how to a boudoir photography business?
So here is where I have a VERY strong opinion. I think there is enough room for there to be photographers on every street and still have enough clients to go around for us all. However, I also believe that someone starting out in this genre needs a lot of training and knowledge to know how to read women and showcase their best assets on camera. We can be so hypercritical of ourselves. Clients will nitpick their photos to oblivion. This genre is not for the faint of heart. You have to be ready to let someone feel their most insecure and then your job is to flip that into art. It is a skill set no to be taken lightly. That said being a genuine creative goes a LONG way. I see new photographers tiptoe into the genre and start cranking out the same sets and vibes as others. Do you know what goes farther than that?  Being original. Original concepts or new spins on old ones goes a long way. Why be one of many in a sea of the same when you can be fresh and different? Always reach for ways to explore and give different looks to the same story and let the people take notice. It is truly how I’ve built my business from the ground up!

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