The BIG Debate, Part 2: In Person Sales

Last week we brought you the first part of our BIG Debate series – RAW vs Jpeg.  Now we are bringing you The Big Debate, Part 2 – In-Person Sales. In-person sales has become a fairly new trend in the photography industry, with supporters bragging on the increased income and connection with their clients. Nay-sayers of in-person sales say that it’s too time consuming and not what clients really want. Again we took to our users to answer the question for us: In-person sales or not? And do in-person sales really increase revenue?


“I just implemented in-person sales about six months ago. For me, it was about giving my clients printed mementos to pass down from generation to generation. Showing them their images in a slideshow, while presenting samples of their photos for them to hold and view is extremely fulfilling. Since I began in-person sales, I have seen a tremendous increase in my profit.” – Mountain Pearl Photography

“Partially; I do in-person sales for album sales after a wedding. I have most definitely had a huge increase in album sales!” – Jaimie Nicole Krause Photography

“I don’t. Personally, I feel like my new mom’s are really busy and I value their time and mine. Giving them the opportunity to view their gallery from their home computer or iPad during a 2 am feeding is nice. They appreciate that convenience.” – The Newborn Studio

“Yes! Not only do I love sharing images with my clients it is a huge part of educating and connecting with my clients. It is my finale to my entire experience. And yes, my sales are higher than when I was doing online sales.” – Kristie Bradley Photography

“Yup! Oh absolutely! It’s where you’re able to actually make a living and not being a slave to your calendar. Why take 4 clients for $300 each when you can have one client that you spend more time with, spending 1k?! It’s also so much more FUN getting to see clients’ reactions to their images, hearing which ones they love the most, and helping them DO SOMETHING with their beautiful images! 😉 I’m a bit of a product geek too and love to find beautiful, unique products that speak to me and my brand!” – J Swenson Photography

” I don’t actually. To be honest I don’t have time for it and I make great money without it. Im not the type that drinks the kool aid. I don’t think you need it to make a good income.” –  The Blissful Maven

“Yes! Clients getting quality, professional prints is really important to me, so I believe having an in-person sales meeting helps them understand the difference between what I sell vs. a cheap printer. Once they understand why it is important, they usually purchase more products! Not every client of mine comes in for a meeting, but I try to schedule one with everyone (it just isn’t required in some packages of mine).” – Halee Betzner Photography

“I do not do in person sales. Personally, I would rather my clients get their own files and all of them. I work hard on each and every image. A year down the road they may learn to appreciate an image that when they first saw they may not have been too crazy about and I want them to have the freedom to keep their options open on images we captured at their session. I don’t want my hard work, or their priceless memories to be a waste.” – Out of the Woods Photography

 Let’s keep the conversation going – tell us about your preference! In-person sales, shoot and share, or something else! Leave a comment below.



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