The Big Debate: RAW vs Jpeg

If you’re a part of any photography group, this question has likely been asked over and over again. “Do you shoot RAW or Jpeg? And why?”

We asked some of our users what they shot – RAW or Jpeg.

“RAW- although jpeg would be helpful from a speed perspective, I like having as many options to correct something in post processing, and capturing all of the information and settings to learn from images that don’t turn out the way I thought they might!” – Lauren Enright Photography
“JPEG. I don’t have the space for all the huge raw file sizes. It is much easier to give them to clients in smaller file sizes too. I practiced and practiced and practiced on nailing the SOOC shot and losing the “just fix it in Photoshop” mentality. It makes editing SO much easier and faster!” – Eleventh Hour Goods
” Both! I shoot RAW 90% of the time because of my post processing methods, but if you get in camera settings just right, shooting jpeg is awesome! The files are a lot smaller, so you have a lot more free space. I shoot jpeg when I know my editing will be super light.” – Halee Betzner Photography
“I shoot RAW because I am fallable. My clients are paying me to capture beautiful and authentic moments. I deal with a lot of families with small children and there are times I just don’t have time to change my settings. Shooting RAW gives me a lot of latitude in post processing if I did capture something really special but the shot isn’t perfect SOOC. RAW = photographic grace.” – Jenni M Photography
“Both! RAW takes up a lot of space so in general when I am photographing my own family I use jpeg. Always RAW with portrait sessions and both with weddings. RAW adds a richness to your photo that is easily recovered, jpeg can get grainy fast depending on your post-processing so when in doubt go with what will give you the greatest amount of info.” – Tumbling Sparrow Photography
“RAW always. Simply because if you are a true artist and want control over the image start to finish you have to start with the “RAWEST” form. It is so easy to damage an original jpeg. RAWS will always be RAWS. You have to turn them into something else no matter what. The benefits outweigh the inconvenience if you are running a real photography business.” – Bridgette Marie Photography
“I shoot JPEG. I’ve never ventured much into shooting RAW mainly because I didn’t have the program to convert files for a long time. Now that I do I am happy with the way I shoot and my work. I may be missing something big but I am perfectly content shooting JPEG images.” – Out of the Woods Photography
” I shoot RAW – It’s just a personal preference but I feel I get the best quality and I want to give my clients the highest quality when it comes to my products.” – Emily Perrien Photography

As you probably already knew, it’s a personal preference and there are benefits to both. Tell us what you think – do you shoot RAW or Jpeg, and why?







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