Love is in the Air: The Benefits of Wedding Questionnaires for Photographers

Weddings are a big deal and there can be so many parts to the day coming together – not only for your clients but for you as well. One tool to help you and your clients get on the same page and prepared for the wedding is using a wedding client questionnaire. Many photographers send a questionnaire pre-wedding to help gather essential information about the clients and their special day. It may seem like a nuissance to have your client complete a questionnaire and add yet another task to their seemingly never ending to-do list – but you and your clients will feel reassured that you have all the information needed to have a successful day.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of wedding questionnaires for photographers!

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Get to know your clients

You are going to be spending several hours with your clients on their wedding day – so why not get to know them a little better beforehand? You and your clients will feel more relaxed with one another as you get to know them. You clients will love that you’re not only invested in documenting their day but also will be impressed that you are taking the time to know them and add a personal touch to the service that you are providing.

Prepare for the big day

Using a wedding client questionnaire is a great way to help you and your clients create a timeline for their special day. If you’re anything like me – the more information I have going into something the less anxiety I have. You will want to know what your clients expectations are, how many locations you’ll need to be at, and get an overall idea for the structure of your day when the time comes to shoot their wedding. Will the wedding couple be doing a first look? Are they planning a special exit? Asking questions about locations, times, ceremony rules, and other key details will help you make their day special and ensure that things go smoothly as possible.

Get content for blogging

Ever get stuck on what to write in your blogs? Depending on what questions you ask in your questionnaires, this can be a great tool for helping you write your blog later on when sharing images from their wedding. Those getting to know you questions are amazing quick tidbits for the blog and also sharing venue or vendor information will be great way to provide some links (hello SEO boost!).

Connect with vendors to build working relationships

Don’t forget to ask your client for a list of the other vendors helping make their day extra special. Florist, DJ, where they bought their dress or tux – get all the names! Being able to connect with the vendors will help you build relationships in the community, allow for collaborations, and ultimately provide opportunities for future referrals (both to you and to your vendors).

Photography Questionnaire in Iris Works photography studio management system

Easily send your wedding questionnaires

Iris makes sending and collecting questionnaires easy. With our simple questionnaire template builder and using automation – you can send and receive questionnaires while sitting on your couch.

Sign up for a free 14 day trial, and receive a free wedding photography questionnarie in your account – ready to use!



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