Balancing business and family… by Megan Swederski Photography

All too often I get asked how I balance my business and being a stay at home mom.

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When I started my photography business in 2012 I was a first time mom to my baby boy who was born in 2010.  At the time I thought juggling the business and being a stay at home was tough, but then came baby number two and three and my entire perspective on things changed.  It’s not often you can say that you “love” your job.  Well photography is my outlet, the place I run to when the boys are coloring on my furniture, getting their heads stuck in the stairway spindles and spilling legos all over while I frantically run around to pick them up before the puppy eats them and we end up at the vet.

Well, I can say this.  It’s not easy and I don’t have all the answers, but I can tell you what works best for us! Here are the three ways I’ve found to balance business and family:

1. Syncing Up

By now my husband Scott and I have a pretty great routine down when it comes to his work schedule and mine.  I book all my clients through Iris Works (no, i’ve not been paid to say this) and my husband and I both subscribe to the calendar so it shows in iCal and Google Calendar. I write my session time down 30 minutes earlier than it’s actual, that way I know he will be home in time and I’m not rushing out the door.

2. Mold Your Business Schedule Around Your Personal One

I’ve been lucky to mold my business around his schedule and the kids’.  I shoot mainly weeknights in the spring and summer time.  This allows for my weekends to stay open for family camping trips, birthday parties and any other things we might have going on.  Fall and winter is when it gets a bit more tough.  Because I generally shoot outdoors my lighting doesn’t allow for me to wait until Scott gets home during the week.  So instead my sessions get moved to the weekends!

3. Make Sure to Find Time for Yourself

With fall approaching, I know its busy for a good portion of photographers and it’s extremely hard to find balance; kids or no kids.  Each fall I tell myself that the weekdays/nights are for family and the weekends are for myself and my business.  Might seem selfish, but the older I get I’ve found that if I don’t take time for myself, I can’t be a great mom and a great wife! Because of Iris Works, my photography business doesn’t feel like a job, but more of an outlet for me to unwind and meet great people who often become lifelong friends.

Let me remind you again, Iris Works hasn’t paid me to say any of this.  I’ve been a customer of theirs for long enough to know with each box I get to check off on my to-do list, it’s freed up that much more time to spend with my family and friends!

Find your balance, find what makes you happy!

Family business balance, family life, business organization, Megan Swederski Photography


About Megan Swederski Photography:

Wife to one, mom to three crazy boys, stepmom to one gorgeous young lady, oh and don’t forget the four legged human.

I’m a one woman company serving southeastern, WI and northern, IL!  I photograph mainly families, children and dabble in seniors.

My love for photography all began ten years ago when I was gifted my first dslr.  The first few years I used it for my own personal use and landscape photography!  Sadly it had to take a backseat as I finished college to get my degree in Communications!

I graduated in 2008 and shortly after my husband and I were married and expecting our first son!  This is when photography became a huge passion of mine. In 2012 I opened Megan Swederski Photography and to top it all off, my second son was born less than a year later!

Besides family, photography is a big part of my life!

Megan Swederski Photography, family life balance

(Credit: Studio29 Photography; Ren Davis)



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