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Track your business mileage with MileIQ

Every now and then, we find an app or service that makes things a little easier for the everyday entrepreneur. As a small business owner, one of the many things we’re supposed to keep track of (but might not always do) is our mileage. Between paper and pen, a sea of apps and other ways of monitoring it through the year, how are you supposed to choose? Well look no further. We stumbled across a great new app called MileIQ

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“Sure, you can use a paper log to do that, but eventually that gets cumbersome and you start forgetting to record drives, or worse, guessing at the end of the year. A mileage tracking app like MileIQ, automates this process. It runs in the background on your phone and records every single drive you take. Then you can easily classify them as business or personal -with our mileage tracking app that’s as simple as swiping left or right – and have an IRS compliant log at the end of the year.” –MileIQ,

It also helps track those smaller trips that you might not remember, like running to CVS to grab water and snacks before a wedding. Or driving to the post office to send out a client’s USB drive. Or going to put gas in your car. Every single trip is tracked and makes it easy for you to create a log for the end of the year. Everything runs in the background of your phone and is tracked using your GPS. 

The app is easy to set up and you get 40 drives a month for free. Or you can pay just $5.99/month and get unlimited drives. A small price to pay to take such a huge task off your hands! Plus it will give you more peace of mind come tax time. 

Do you have a business tool that you’re loving? Share in the comments below! 

(Note: Iris Works has not been paid to endorse this product. We just love it and want to share its awesomeness with you!)



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