Why Automated Messaging from Iris Will Save Me Time, by Katie Destry

Automated Messaging and Client Management with Katie Destry

We asked one of our favorite photographers to tell us why she’s looking forward to the launch of Iris Works.  Katie Destry is a newborn photographer located in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Here’s what she has to say about the Automated Messaging feature included in the workflow management.

“One of the features I am most looking forward to with Iris Works is the automated messaging feature.  I have been able to see a behind-the-scenes preview of how this works, and trust me, it is amazing.  It is like hiring a personal assistant for a fraction of the cost! Just being able to rely on a management software to send out contracts and reminders to my clients frees up a big chunk of my time that I can devote to things like marketing, shooting and editing; not to mention all of the other features that come along with workflow management in Iris. In our business, time is money. If I can free up time spent sending standardized emails to clients, I am better able to serve my clients, and deliver products more quickly and efficiently.

Having a studio management software is imperative in this business, because as much as we would like to admit we can, we can’t really do everything on our own without something suffering, and typically that’s our clients. Knowing that every single client is receiving their contract, reminders about their session, and their guide to a successful session without me lifting a finger leaves me with such peace of mind. As I enter into my third year of business, I am reflecting back on things that I can improve upon and change in 2015, and a big part of that is client management. Having a software that houses all of my client information, sessions and reminders allows me to focus on growing other aspects of my business, while knowing I have all of my bases covered. I absolutely cannot wait for Iris to launch!! You better believe I will be the first in line to sign up.”

A little about Katie Destry

I am a 21(almost 22!) year old newborn photographer in Indianapolis, Indiana. I love cats as much as people, and my feet are always cold. Being a self-employed photographer is hard at times, but I wouldn’t trade the freedom for anything. I primarily photograph newborns and families with small children, and have recently thrown a handful of weddings into the mix! I love organization, but currently lack the necessary tools to fully organize my business and that is where Iris will come in.

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