A few great ways to get the best out of yourself as a photographer.

It’s easy to get settled into a routine, but no one ever got better by doing the exact same things. You all have our flow at a session, right? You know how to make brides feel calm and how to make toddlers crack up and how to make boudoir clients feel sexy. But what are a few things that you can be doing to get the best out of yourself as a photographer?

Ask for feedback

(and not just your mom or your best friend… they’re contractually obligated to love you). Share some of your favorite and maybe-favorite images with other photographers and creatives. Tell them you want their honest feedback. Ask them what they think about how the image looks but also about the story it tells. Of course it’s good, but how can it be great? Keep pushing until you have some feedback that makes you uncomfortable… and then grow from it. This blog has some great ideas for collecting feedback.

Find your best work and leverage it as inspiration.

And we mean the BEST. The ones that you’d hang in your front hallway and show to everyone. If it’s an okay photo that the mom of the bride would really love… great. But you need to focus on your killer work. Figure out what was happening in your creative brain at the moment you took it. Study that. Think it was luck? We doubt it. Find that energy and channel it. Don’t stop until you’re consistently taking those kind of rad photos at every session.

Identify a few things that you’re not great at…

and then work your butt off to get better at them. Hate off-camera lighting? Make yourself a student of it. Reach out to dark venues and go to weird alleys (preferably not alone) and practice. Not great at selling yourself at a meeting? Practice and role play with your best friends. Keep at it until you’re 100% comfortable with your pitch. Stuck using auto-white balance? Force yourself to go custom. Work at getting it right every single time.

Find new efficiencies and make them part of your business flow.

Could you stay up an extra two hours after a wedding to get your images culled? Do it. Should you spend a few hours on Tuesdays writing thank you notes? Schedule it. Iris Works can help you run your business more smoothly. If you’re ready for a FREE 14-day trial, we’d love to have you. And we’re ready to get a 1:1 scheduled with our customer experience team to make the transition even better.

What are some of the things you do to push yourself for to elevate your own performance as a business owner? 



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