Valentine Themed Newborn Sessions

Valentine Themed Newborn Sessions

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, and what better way to commemorate this special occasion than by capturing the precious moments of a newborn in a themed photoshoot? For photographers, this is an excellent opportunity to create heartwarming memories for families while showcasing your creativity. In this blog post, we will explore the art of Valentine themed newborn sessions and how incorporating Iris Works can streamline and enhance your photography process.

The Prep

Book with Iris

Iris Works acts as your virtual assistant by centralizing all client information in one place. From contact details to session preferences, this feature ensures that you have a comprehensive overview of your clients at your fingertips. For your Valentine Themed Newborn Session you can easily take advantage of all Iris has to offer.  Set your availability, or send a personalized calendar and let clients seamlessly book sessions at their convenience. Your workflows will send automated confirmation emails and reminders, reducing the likelihood of miscommunications and ensuring that both parties are on the same page. 

Contract and Invoice

The best way to ensure you recive the contract and invoice for your Valentine themed sessions is to attach it to the booking process. With Iris you can add a contract and invoice to the booking process. Then the client will have to fill out their information, sign a contract and pay an invoice before it adds their valentine themed newborn session to your calendar. 


Create a workflow for your Valentine Themed Newborn Session. Start with a “Thank you for booking” email that includes variable to auto input your clients name and session date and time. Next, add a “client prep” email with info on what to expect. You can add a valentine session document to this email to help explain the process. After that, a “reminder” email should go out to remind them of the session a day or two ahead of time. Last, a “thank you” email should go out after the session thanking them for using you as their photographer. Set all of this up in the workflows section of your Iris account. 


As an added bonus, with Iris you can attach a questionnaire to your emails set up in the workflow. This way you can have your clients answer questions related to the valentine themed newborn session without having to go back and forth in emails. Create the questionnaire in your documents section. Be sure to map the pertinant information you want quick access to to their profile. Then attach it to an email to go out in the workflow. You will recieve an email from Iris when your client fills it out. 

Bonus: Email Marketing

A great way to spread the word about your Valentine themed newborn sessions is to create an email marketing campaign right from your Iris account. 

The Session

Setting the Stage:

Start by creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your studio. Opt for soft, pastel colors such as blush pink and baby blue to set the tone. Or, soft pastel colors such as pinks, reds, and whites can create a warm and romantic atmosphere. Incorporate heart-shaped pillows, plush blankets, and delicate flowers to enhance the overall ambiance. For the backdrop use heart-shaped props and delicate flowers. This harmonious blend of colors and props creates a cohesive visual narrative that resonates with the theme while accentuating the inherent beauty of the subject. Personalized elements such as love letters, tiny Valentine’s Day cards, or customized accessories lend a sentimental touch to the photographs. These details not only enhance the thematic cohesion but also elevate the session to a personalized experience, connecting with the family’s unique love story.

Choosing the Right Outifits:

Clothing the newborn in adorable Valentine-themed outfits is a must. Dress the baby in adorable baby-sized cupid wings or heart headbands to add a touch of whimsy to the session. You can also use outfits with heart patterns or onesies with love-themed phrases. Be sure to keep in mind the comfort of the baby, ensuring that the clothing is soft and doesn’t irritate their delicate skin. 

Play with Lighting:

Use fairy lights or heart-shaped light bokeh for a dreamy and enchanting effect. Use natural light to your advantage. Position the newborn near a window where soft, diffused light can highlight their features. Experiment with subtle shadows to add depth to your images. Seek out opportunities to experiment with lighting techniques that accentuate the softness of the theme, and develop a keen eye for composition that captures the nuances of love in each frame.


Pose the newborns in heart-shaped baskets, cozy blankets, or soft nests surrounded by tiny, heart-shaped pillows. Focus on capturing the tiny details such as tiny fingers and toes, creating intimate and heart-melting images that parents will cherish forever. Encourage parents to be a part of the session. Capture tender moments of the newborn cradled in their arms or tiny fingers wrapped around adult ones. Candid shots of parents showering their baby with affection evoke genuine emotions and add a personal touch to the session. Incorporating family members, especially siblings, into the session adds depth and dimension to the storytelling aspect. Encourage subtle interactions and genuine expressions of affection, capturing the essence of familial bonds. Siblings dressed in coordinating outfits or holding small signs expressing their love can add a dynamic and heartwarming element to the overall composition.


During the post-processing stage, aim for a timeless and classic look. Softening the colors, enhancing contrasts, and adding a touch of warmth can contribute to the overall romantic atmosphere of the images.


In conclusion, a Valentine’s Day-themed newborn photo session presents an exciting challenge for photographers to blend artistic expression with the inherent beauty of a newborn. By carefully selecting props, outfits, and settings, and focusing on the details, you can create enchanting images that will be cherished by families for years to come. Embrace the magic of Valentine’s Day, and let your creativity flow as you document these precious moments for your clients.

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